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Arguably the best combo deck in Modern right now, Splinter Twin was the winner of Grand Prix Antwerp last weekend. Leave your opponents crying with this janky MTG combo deck, OmniTears. . This is the penultimate in my “top 5” Modern article series, and the last one will be a little bit special – so keep an eye out for it! Emma is a writer and Modern enthusiast based in Suffolk, England. But we have a more interesting contender: Narset, Parter of Veils has been making huge waves in Vintage as a way to make powerful draw-sevens such as Timetwister one-sided. I always enjoy the first month of a sets new release as there is the fun aspect of deckbuilding, and I’m excited to see what else War of the Spark can bring in the upcoming months in Modern to keep us busy until Modern Horizon releases in June. It doesn’t have much of a backup plan in case everything goes wrong, but there are enough win conditions and stalling tactics that you can generally wait a long time to find the perfect moment to go off. If you use its ability during your opponent’s draw step, they will only discard. The pilot and creator of this build of the deck, Patrick Dickmann, played it masterfully throughout the tournament. In this series, I’m going to explore Modern in-depth, looking at the format in its current state, analysing what existed in the past, and giving you an idea of what sort of cards to play, or play around. A favourite in Modern since the very beginning, Ad Nauseam is the classic turn four … However, despite the necessity of so many moving parts, the deck was actually incredibly consistent, due to the sheer volume of redundant cards. Ad Nauseam is one of the cornerstones of Modern combo, a quirky and interesting deck that’s relatively easy to pilot, pretty fun to play and is very unlikely to get banned out. Merfolk are the best tribe, no questions asked. You could lose out of absolutely nowhere if you let your shields down for a second, and therein lay the strength of this deck. Storm is a difficult deck to discuss, as it’s more of a concept than a set of individual cards. The combo works because Valakut checks as it enters the battlefield, and sees all the other lands entering at the same time, but in that same vein, because it can see all the mountains, it knows that you control five or more, so for each mountain that enters, it triggers once. His strong background in research can be seen in the Magic Effectiveness Project, an ongoing attempt to classify what makes people good at Magic! a deck that uses the interaction between two or more cards as a win condition. This website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. You remove the counters from Spike Feeder to gain life, put counters on everything you control, and then remove them again to essentially get your entire board to be massive. Then, the next turn you can draw Redcap and use it in the same way to just shoot your opponent to death. There is no doubt that Storm has the capability of being the best combo deck in every format. It was eventually banned out in January 2016, due mainly to the fact that Wizards felt it was too ubiquitous. . This oft-played Legacy combo revolves around the card Dark Depths. When Extended became Modern, it was one of the first things put straight onto the ban list, cemented with the release of Gatecrash and another way to break the card. However, Wizards are so aware of this, and the fact that like Eggs, the combo turns can take a very long time, something that they don’t like in premier play, they are constantly vigilant as to the possibility of Storm breaking out, and keep it tightly under control; for this reason, it’s at number three, as it’s always heavily checked by bans. After drawing your whole deck, you exile Simian Spirit Guides to cast Lightning Storm, similarly to the win condition in Grishoalbrand, pitching lands two damage at a time to kill your opponent. However, the key thing about the Abzan combo is that there are many replaceable pieces, and much like Tron lands, it’s difficult to know if you’re killing the right one at any given time. ProsBloom. This website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. The enchantment itself isn’t as easy to cast – it needs two red mana – but with fetch and shock lands, this is a consistently achievable goal. There have been hundreds of different iterations of Storm decks since the mechanic’s first printing, looking for ways to abuse mana generation to go infinite and “storm off”. The combo turn could take up to fifteen minutes depending on how the draws went. The introduction of Fatal Push as the new best removal spell created a big shake up in the metagame. The Top 5 Modern Combos – Past and Present, by Theodore Southgate, The Top 5 Modern Combos - Past and Present, by Kerry Meyerhoff. A few weeks ago I wrote about Neoform and its possible application in Modern. Then, they pitch Simian Spirit Guides, to cast Desperate Rituals, to gain enough mana to cast Faithless Looting if they need to draw more, or Through the Breach if they’ve already found their combo. The concept was built upon by various members of the Magic community, including some pros at GPs and SCG Tour events, and eventually came to be the combo we know today. The deck is still around in Modern today in the form of Krark-Clan Ironworks combo; however, it’s much less consistent and quick without Second Sunrise, and therefore a lot easier to handle. Unlike most combo decks, Amulet Titan had the ability to morph into a midrange deck that could go toe-to-toe with the interactive decks; in fact, Amulet was heavily favored against them. Academy, Neo-Academy (Tolarian Academy + Stroke of Genius) 2. If you have Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, you can get it as early as turn two by making your Depths able to tap for black. Modern has changed. The Thopter/Sword combo has been around in Modern before and has found some competitive success. Magic: The Gathering - How to Build a Modern Scapeshift Deck. Arguably the first “combo deck” that made it in tournaments, this deck was extremely … Firstly, the namesake of the deck, and the card which was eventually banned, Blazing Shoal, which is the only pump spell necessary; and secondly, either a Progenitus or a Reaper King to pitch to it, tutored out of the deck with Summoner’s Pact or Spoils of the Vault. Deck of the Day – Modern Ascendancy Combo. From there, the deck plays like the Grishoalbrand combo deck, using expensive green spells and Nourishing Shoal to fuel repeated draw sevens. Through 2018 and most of 2019, Modern had a shorter average game length than it does now, which made a fast combo kill attractive. The key thing to remember about Ad Nauseam is that it requires a lot of mana to “go off”, so you have a quite clearly telegraphed turn when your Lotus Blooms come off suspend and your opponent will likely have disruption at the ready. Both effects mean you can simply go to minus a million life and cannot lose the game from it, so you can execute the combo. Therefore, although I am aware Storm is a viable Modern deck, I believe that it belongs here in its strongest forms, among the best decks of history. It’s hard to specifically discuss one Storm deck. Visit our Manaleak online store for the latest Magic: the Gathering singles, spoilers, exclusive reader offers, sales, freebies and more! If they had a Glistener Elf on the field, you couldn’t tap your mana or you might just immediately lose – though, if you don’t play a blocker and they happen to have Pact of Negation for your counterspell, you immediately lose as well. The true strength of the Twin decks lay mainly in the counterspells, the control suite and the Snapcaster Mage value turns which could happen freely, because the opponent was always terrified to tap out or use resources to stop anything that wasn’t Exarch. Karn should shine in all eternal formats, and even kills opposing Moxen in Vintage. I don’t expect to see Neoform Combo break Modern if the London Mulligan comes into full effect as it’s so easy to disrupt and doesn’t have a long-game strategy. In Development – Every Combo in Modern. Exarch taps to create a copy of itself, the copy enters the battlefield, triggers and untaps the original, and the loop is repeated until the controller has X tokens, where X is any number he or she desires. Aluren (Aluren + Pandemonium + Cavern Harpy or Horned Kavu) 3. This incredibly janky combo originated in Japan with a man named Kurata Shintarou, who had come up with the idea of using Nourishing Shoal pitching something huge like Progenitus or Worldspine Wurm together with Griselbrand‘s activated ability to draw the entire deck. In order to execute our combo we need to have access to a certain set of cards, and having the extra percentage points of finding them adds up incredibly fast. Go infinite with cantrips using this enjoyable, C-tier brew using Omniscience. My favorite decks in other formats are Flood of Omniscience combo in Historic, Sultai Vannifar combo in Standard, or Inalla Spellseeker combo in EDH, and there is something viscerally pleasing to me assembling a long multistage combo using nonstop wish effects to chain my library and sideboard. allosaurus ridercomboday's undoingkarn the great creatorMetagamemodernmtgnarsetneoformTron, Mythic Championship IV Barcelona Will Be Modern Constructed and Modern Horizons Limited. I've been a Magic player since October 2014, and a judge since June 2015. Then, they use Griselbrand’s activated ability along with the Nourishing Shoals to sustain it, and draw as many cards as they can without dying (bear in mind, Griselbrand has haste, so he can swing and attack to gain 7 more that turn, if done precombat). With Thespian’s Stage, the interaction is slightly more complex, but works in the same sort of way; you can pay 2 to copy Dark Depths, but because of the way copying works, Thespian’s Stage becomes a Dark Depths with no counters on it. However, you’re paying one mana per life and Thopter token, which is too slow to race unfair combo decks. Eventually, you have built up enough Storm count, and you can use a finisher like Grapeshot, Brain Freeze or Tendrils of Agony to kill your opponent. It can regularly go off on turn four, and even if it struggles to find its pieces, it can stall very well by playing Phyrexian Unlife or spare copies of Angel’s Grace every turn to buy time and Sleight of Hand its way to the combo. You can’t get back exiled Tron lands, but it’s still a powerful ability. I’m looking at building up a Modern deck or two, but have no previous knowledge of the format. It’s certainly very strong and in the right pair of hands can be an excellent choice of deck; however, although the combo element is easy, picking your moment, knowing the meta and most importantly knowing the interactions in your deck requires a lot of time and effort, so if you want to play Kiki-Chord well, you need to really devote yourself to it. Amulet Titan will also be likely to find a spot for one. Too deeply to tell.”. It is the very definition of the classic turn four deck. The trick is knowing what you are expected to be in every matchup and playing that role accordingly, as well as knowing your entire decklist back to front so you can be sure what you are Chording for before you cast it. In Extended, Storm was a much more vicious deck when Invasion and Odyssey were in the meta, due to Tendrils being legal. This combo was very effective in Extended, first arising with the release of Zendikar before Thespian’s Stage was even out, in an incredibly fast form which centred around finding combo pieces and winning by turn three. That’s why Wizards took action against Eggs. It is very possible to win under these conditions, but it’s very grindy and feels more like a bad control deck than any kind of combo. With one Lotus Bloom you can consistently draw, and with two, you can go completely infinite. A discussion of the top 5 Modern combos, past and present, and what you need to know them. Then, you use Conjurer’s Bauble to put Second Sunrise back in your deck, draw it, and bring back Bauble, Blooms and Spellbomb, and do the entire thing again. The problem wasn’t necessarily that the deck was too powerful, or that it had unreasonably good cards; only that even Cifka, the man who masterminded the deck and a professional chess master, took an age to win a match with it. However, it’s also endured a lot of hate from Wizards of the Coast, as MaRo has admitted that the Storm mechanic was a huge mistake, and they are constantly trying their best to retroactively fix it by making Storm less playable. It’s a very old school combo that goes back way before Extended existed, though it became mainstream with the release of M13 and Faith’s Reward. Even the Pyrite Spellbomb could easily be replaced by Grapeshot, Banefire or Laboratory Maniac to allow for extra win conditions post-sideboard. It primarily wins by casting a lot of rituals and cantrips, reusing them with Past In Flames, and then Grapeshotting the opponent out of the game. The most recent ban to hit the deck is that of Gitaxian Probe, which it used as an important free cantrip, but even that has not tempered Storm’s ability to persevere and it still makes up a decent proportion of the Modern meta, bolstered by the printing of Baral, Chief of Compliance in Aether Revolt. Do you agree or disagree with some of the rankings? Kiki/Resto was the spiritual descendant of Twin once it had gone, and the shell of tutors and strong creatures surrounding it has brought this deck into being. Thanks to Urza, you can now win … This was unlikely to happen due to the amount of free answers they employed, and the availability of Gitaxian Probe to check the opponent’s hand for free as well, but the rare times it did, it was more likely to lose to itself and its own triggers than to continue the game and lose to whatever deck the opponent happened to be playing, which is always a big warning flag for Wizards. If your opponent chooses to not concede out of sheer frustration, your win conditions are beating down with Vendillion Clique or Notion Thief. If you’re thinking that this combo has a lot of moving pieces and seems very long-winded, you’d be completely correct. Amonkhet Card Obsolescence Chart, by Curmudgeon, Here Are The Best Ramp Cards In Each MTG Format, by Katie Roberts, Modern & Legacy Tournament Reports & Decklists – 8th & 9th Feb 2020, 18 Theros Beyond Death Cards Coming to a Commander Pod Near You, by Paul Palmer, Modern Win-a-Box (January 2020): Tournament Report and Decklists, Two Cards To Buy For Each Of The Five Commander 2020 Face Cards by Paul Palmer, Spring 2020 Update: Covid-19 (Coronavirus), Organised Play & Safe Shipping, A Beginner’s Guide to Limited: Theros Beyond Death Edition, by Andrew Quinn. The information presented on this site about Magic: The Gathering, both literal and graphical, is copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast. The combo itself is relatively simple, though it involves a lot of pieces. Here you will find content to help you from the kitchen table to your first GP, and everything in between. With the introduction of Neoform in War of the Spark, a brand new Neoform deck has started seeing play in Modern. War of the Spark looks to be making a fantastic impact in its first week. While I wouldn't expect this to take the Pro Tour by storm, it certainly is a fun combo to play and show off and could be a lot of fun to build up and play at your local FNM. All mine decks are well tested and optimized in terms of draw power, dead hand, synergy. Without certain bans and restrictions – ie in a vacuum – Storm is the deck the majority points to as being “the best”. So what’s the top combo deck in Modern right now?…. Abzan Company. Vampire Hexmage is a pretty simple interaction; you can sacrifice it to remove the counters from Dark Depths, the land checks the game state, it has no counters on, so you can get a Marit Lage immediately. The ability to siphon through five cards and choose the best one for 1 mana is a great rate and these artifact combo decks (KCI, Affinity, and Lantern) don’t mess around. Despite its consistency and strength, due to the numerous hate cards and the fact that it was impossible for the deck to win before turn four, Splinter Twin lasted in Modern for a very long time. Gavony Township can be a trump card in these sorts of situations. The deck is still flying under the radar because it is a weird deck and is considered … As a Merfolk player, one of the funniest interactions I ever had with an Ad Nauseam deck was pitching a land of my own to redirect Lightning Storm to my own Kira, Great Glass-Spinner, thus countering the spell entirely. This all takes place over the course of one turn, until between Second Sunrise and Faith’s Reward you have drawn your entire deck. Then, you use the mana to cast cantrips, either free ones like Gitaxian Probe or cheap ones like Serum Visions and Sleight of Hand, the generated mana turned blue with Manamorphose. Let me know in the comments! A Spike at heart, Chantelle spends her free time prepping for tournaments, working toward the ever-elusive Mythic Championship, and championing other competitive ladies. Scapeshift is a fun way to interact with lands in Modern, and with so many ways to build the deck, it’s a good combo if you like flexibility. etc., making X many hasty 3/4 flyers. Follow her on Twitter @emmmzyne to join in on the conversation! balance & combo. One of the biggest winner of this change has been Ad Nauseam – a deck that does not care about creature removal at all. Even its creator Jeff admits that it is very hard to play, to know what your role is in each matchup and how best to play it out, and that can only come from experience and many, many reps with the deck. There are many exciting combo decks still available in Modern, whatever your style, and here I’ll examine the five best and most format-defining combo decks that have managed to survive the ban hammer. Who knew thee too well.. Sign up for the Hipsters Newsletter for weekly updates. –... 24 Outrageous Combos You Need to Try In Your Casual Magic:... Top 10 Goblins In Magic: The Gathering’s History, by Theodore Southgate. Usually, your opponent could just concede when they realise you can go off, but in the final of a Pro Tour, nobody’s going anywhere on the 1% chance that Cifka makes a mistake and fluffs the turn.

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