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best time to visit finland

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However, the fairly warm summers provide great opportunities to explore the culture and wilderness of the country, and late spring, especially May and June, are the most pleasant months in Finland. The best time to visit Finland depends on what you're wishing to do as the winter season from December through to April is ideal for dog sledding and winter sports (Feb and Mar best time to go for daylight) whereas the arrival of the spring in May sees the sun making a welcoming return prior to the long hot summer days from June to August. 01737 214 250. Helsinki daily mean temperatures hover slightly below freezing, but some days are warmer. Your travel to Finland has about 52% the climate impact as your entire yearly budget of CO₂ emissions. The Juhannusvalkeat (Midsummer) Festival is a major celebration throughout Finland, complete with bonfires, dancing, and another revelry. September brings a sweet farewell to long summer days. Besides the colors, travelers have to face more frequent rains and stronger winds that are the main companions of cold autumn days in Finland. Located in northern Europe, Finland and Lapland experience very cold winters with limited daylight and warm summers with up to 20 hours of daylight. It rains across the country in about one-third of May, so you might be lucky to catch a sunny day. This unique annual celebration showcases unique art to everyone. The best times to visit Helsinki for ideal weather are. Enjoy perfect snow and wind conditions for a great snowkiting getaway! The world has lots of unbelievable and curious things to discover like this weird balancing stone. The weather of Finland is favorable along with the best of activities during this particular time in Finland. Finland weather & best time to visit. On average, it rains or snows a smalll amount: 2 to 5 times per month. How about a weekend in a company of 5,000 beer-drinking floaters? To decide for yourself, read on. Temperatures keep lowering, which is perfect for hiking in clean, crisp air. In Finland's north, the Midnight Sun is best seen in June and July. Temperatures vary from one region to … It's a festive, happy atmosphere. Warmer temperatures can be found in southwestern Finland, especially the country's islands situated in the Baltic Sea. And the good news is that days are long, especially in Lapland. Beer floating takes place in July. Discover fantastic things to do, places to go and more. Even though the weather is quite wintry, there is a springy feel hanging in the air. February is usually the coldest month in Finland in the coastal regions. It is, without a doubt, the most spectacular natural light show offered by our planet. The best time to visit Finland’s national parks. The month of July is generally the most pleasant time of year in Finland. Although the climate varies throughout the year, all seasons in this mystical country have something to offer visitors. The magic snowy period from December through March is the best time to visit Finland. Be aware that Lapland gets very busy around Christmas time. Record highs in some years brought hot summer days while record lows dropped almost to freezing. Lapland starts cooling down as well, but wearing a light jacket or a sweater should be fine. All winter activities from dog sledding to behold the beauty of the ‘tykky’ phenomena in Lapland are in full swing. Kemi also has a gemstone gallery that displays a model of the crown of Finland and other pieces like the imperial state crown of Britain and Sceptre of Czar from Russia. This festival is full of various performances, arts, exhibitions, and debates, Come and see true Vikings: the way they lived, how they looked, or become a Viking yourself and take part in the battles and various competitions, Have you ever seen a flying squirrel? September and October are good times to visit Finland if you're on a budget and want to avoid the high tourist season. Another perk of the season is wild berries that are usually in season through late October. Winter takes over the whole of Finland. When you say Finland, the first thing that probably comes to your mind must be the Northern Lights. In areas north of the Arctic Circle, the sun doesn’t set at all as the Midnight Sun season is still running. Best Times to Travel › Finland Weather conditions in Finland in June make for an excellent travel destination. A journey to the Moomins may bring lots of pleasant memories from childhood, Check out this celebration of multiculturalism, tolerance, and cooperation. Temperatures in Helsinki and other southern Finnish cities dangle slightly above freezing, so it might be a riddle to pack proper clothing. First is at winter when skiing season and other activities of its kind are available. Southern and Middle Finland receive a proper snow cover. Some of the tastiest and most nutritious berries can be found here. Looking for the best time to visit Finland? This season is known as ‘ruska’ when the reds and yellows of fells in northern Finland are mesmerizing. A deep dive under the ice in cold, dark waters is an absolutely thrilling experience and not for the faint of heart! Summer is a great time to go. Take a cruise through the endless frozen sea on the icebreaker and try a dip in the frigid waters. Early autumn is also an excellent time for spotting Northern Lights. When we take into consideration cloudiness and the best averages for clear skies, there is one month that is a winner: March. Lake ice finally splits, revealing the beauty of Finnish nature. While temperatures in the winter months rarely climb over 30 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 1 degree Celsius), the chance to see the Northern Lights also makes this a great time to visit Finland. In some years, record lows in the Finnish capital dropped below the freezing point, but it’s a rare occasion. Also the winters attract more and more tourists, from December to April many people travel to Finland to experience the world-famous northern lights and the polar winter. However, with the diminished crowds, many attractions will be closed. It's a pricey time of year, but Christmas in Finland, packed with snow and local events, is a great experience. Aurora hunting season in North Finland is coming to its end. Hues of yellow, red, and orange paint the nature in this part of the country. The snow cover is still thick up north, so if you want to catch the last chance of pure winter magic with snow and magic Northern Lights in Lapland, March is your best bet. Autumn takes hold of the southern areas of Finland. Real winter is all over the place, and snow carpet wraps fields and forests. It is a sight that is hard to express in words and something that stays with you for ages. In many cases, things don't kick into gear until summer — … In autumn, Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, light up the sky and reflect in the numerous lakes. Best Time To Visit Helsinki Helsinki is undoubtedly quite cold almost throughout the year so be warned and carry at least some winterwear even while travelling in Summer especially if you are coming from a warm country. In some parts of the country, there still might be snow on the ground—it's even possible to ski through late spring—but the season is quite versatile depending on where in Finland you visit and when. Formerly held in August, the marathon draws more than 6,000 runners each year. Southern regions tend to be warmer than northern areas. The Helsinki City Marathon is an annual road running event held each year in May. While residents of Finland only get one week off from school in the winter—called the skiing holiday—kids and adults alike have more than four weeks of vacation to enjoy. Best time to visit Finland. Located in northern Europe, Finland and Lapland experience very cold winters with limited daylight and warm summers with up to 20 hours of daylight. Spring (March to May) Photograph by It's also an ideal time to go hiking and camping. Meanwhile, August and September have more annual rainfall than the prime spring and summer months yet visitors still enjoy mild temperatures. Both winter and summer are the high tourist seasons in Finland, partly due to the special attractions, weather, and events you'll find in the country these times of the year and partly due to school and government holidays in Finland. The average climate figure for Finland is an 6,7 The good news is that the southern part of Finland also receives less precipitation and more hours of sunshine than in mid-winter. Helsinki and Turku experience temperatures a few degrees lower than in January, below freezing. Hi, I really depends on what you are looking for. The celebration of Juhannus, as the Midsummer festival is called in Finnish, originates from John the Baptist whose commemoration and birthday are celebrated in Midsummer. If you don't mind missing out on the festivals and concerts but enjoy the thought of quiet and pleasant walks, beautiful landscapes, and relatively mild weather, then early fall may be the best time for you to visit Finland. Here's some information to help you in your decision: 1. Weather in southern destinations, including Helsinki and Turku, is generally sightseeing-friendly, but be ready for a rainy day and pack some warmer clothes as nights get chilly.

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