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sennheiser hd800s australia

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Of course, quality does suffer considerably from a smartphone, even a very good one, as opposed to a dedicated source, but anyone with enough economic bandwidth to invest $2500 in a set of headphones will no doubt have the budget to purchase a dedicated amplifier of some sort. This lead to people often pairing the HD800 with warmer-sounding tube amps, as well as re-cabling them to try and tame the peak. These pair very well with the Bryston BHA-1 very well. Close up of headphone male connector - "L" marking, The build on the HD800S is exceptional, and I can't see any flaws. I haven't heard anything which images quite like the HD800S (maybe the original HD800). Headphones Headphones and Headsets Over-Ear Earbuds Wireless Audiophile Music & Entertainment Travel Sports I still very much enjoy what it brings to the table. The outer box measures 273 x 350 x 150mm, is relatively thin cardboard, and is all black except for the distinctive Sennheiser blue logo on the lower front. Finally again we look at price, and this time the difference is a gulf with the HD800S being 4-5 times the price of an HD600 on the used market. Skip to main content What Hi-Fi? And that is where the HD800S strength lies for me – brilliance in overall resolution yet without the overall brightness which now seems a little unnatural with the T1. Where I had to add that HD650 plastic didn't feel that top notch, I actually feel that HD800S's plastic is top notch and has a secure feeling to it. Unlikely combo - HD800S + FiiOs K5 & E17K. The wires are then shielded and covered with a para-aramid outer sheath (so it is either Kevlar or Twaron fibres) which provides and exceptional strength to weight ratio. Sennheiser launched a re-tuned version called HD800S in 2015, but the original HD800 is still in production. Clarity is boosted slightly, not to ie800 levels, but enough to dispel the veil in poorly mastered/older recordings without further hardening the brighter mastering techniques of more modern music. The HD800S have a very distinct look and feature a darker colour scheme than the original HD800 which looks befittingly subdued and premium, I definitely prefer the darker tones of grey to the silver HD800. Excellent sub-bass extension which has enough slam to clearly rumble, but is in perfect balance with the rest of the spectrum. Equipment used at least some point during the review, Why I feel so strongly about the initial unboxing experience. What you don't see is the layered metal and plastic construction is especially designed to dampen or attenuate vibrations to the ear-cups – so that the drivers are completely isolated from unwanted distortion. Eventually people such as. They copped some flak for the plastic used, even if it was intended to minimise vibration, and distortion. In terms of imaging, they both perform incredibly well with very precise positional cues – but the HD800 has a slightly larger sound-stage in terms of width, depth and height. Subject. However, not everyone likes the improvement, even if it does result in a more precise sound, and sometimes one with a bit more bass. SGD 2,539.00. Let’s see how the HD800S fairs in daily usage as an at-home headphone and whether they hold a notable performance advantage over other headphones in a similar class. Listening to Macy Gray's latest album, recorded binaurally by Chesky Records, Macy herself appears dead centre, while the instruments of the band are quite strongly either on the left or the right. A soft pouch contains the 1/4inch cable and just below sits the balanced 4-pin XLR cable underneath some protective foam. My usual listening level is around 65-75 dB. When listening to Sonata Arctica, the violins for which I had to focus before, were upfront this time and really well expressed. And the vision that drives the company is still as strong today: I was provided with a tour review sample of the HD800S by Sennheiser and facilitated by Jensy for the purposes of review. The Fostex TH-900 used to hold that crown for me, but the HD800 takes soundstage space to the next level. The sonic differences between this model and the original HD800 are immediately obvious because of it. This suits me perfectly as it it the ultimate small form factor for a desk set-up which keeps clutter to a minimum. While I had a hard time believing those comments on the internet comparing the HD800 to listening to a good set of bookshelf or home theatre speakers, in usage, the headphones exaggerated imaging and soundstage performance does these exaggerated comments justice. YMMV – and probably will – as my tastes are likely different to yours (read the preamble I gave earlier for a baseline). I haven't heard a better headphone with my favourite band (Pearl Jam). In fact this year, the T1 has had very little head time, and it has predominantly the HD600 which has stolen all my leisure listening time. The headband is supremely comfortable and the giant earcups exert very little pressure. Sennheiser HD800S reference class headphones $ 1,839 Was $ 2,599 A modern classic, Sennheiser’s reference class HD 800 headphones deliver sound that is as natural as possible and true in every detail. For this section I only really wanted to compare the HD800S to my two favourite open headphones – the legendary HD600 and the Beyerdynamic T1 (original). https://everydaylisteningblog.wordpress.com/2016/12/19/hd800s-review-this-is-it/, Extremely natural sounding mids, clarity, detail, soundstage and imaging on another level, tight bass, very comfortable, accessories, still needs more bass, finishing prone to scratch, proprietary connectors, ear pads is a dust magnet. Treble is a true pleasure to listen to. Texture and tonality with vocals is incredible, as is clarity. If I would take the live experience of hearing a well balanced complex rock song, record that in perfect play conditions and playback through my Ultrasone Dj One Pro, it would sound live. Edit 28 Sept - My own pair of HD800S arrived, and I spent a couple of hours with them and the Enterprise. Again, the enormous soundstage really does grand action scenes justice whilst slightly accentuated clarity illuminates quiet dialogue. My personal definition of fashion might be obtuse, but I am content with their looks. The inner cup is also designed so that sound waves will enter the ear on a slight angle to enhance the perception of spatial awareness, and create a more natural 3D sound. Ear Pads for Sennheiser HD800 and HD800S Headphones (Sheepskin Leather) 4.3 out of 5 stars 62. CH 800 S - - - Sennheiser Discover True Sound. 99. As someone who has never really owned a dedicated home headphone, I suppose you can take this as a more average listener’s subjective impressions of the audiophile lifestyle rather than a critical article; that is to say, what can the HD800S, a $2500 headphone, do for the average listener? HD800S is one of the nicest looking headphones I had the please of laying my hands on. The HD800S also isn’t particularly prone to oil marks and scuffing which is surprising given the finish of choice. I would had appreciated if the scale used for Frequency Response would had been finer (if the whole graph would had been between -10 and +10 dB), so it would had been easier to read it. Sennheiser HD800S headphones like new, This headphones needs no presentation, but I will do my best to describe in short. The HD800S nails all of these aspects and has a soundstage that is truly ethereal. In addition to having exceptional space, the soundstage is also very well rounded between width and depth making imaging razor sharp. Since the size of the cups was so big, I felt really comfortable without having to play around with the fit too much. Hardly a fair fight I'd imagine a lot of people are thinking – yet I think in the retuned HD800S, Sennheiser has actually created a sonic signature very much akin to the HD600's overall tone, timbre and texture. For instance, my HTC 10 will drive them to adequate volumes, if barely (and I’m a low volume listener). Excellent review! Whilst headphones with more padded earpads do have a more immediate. For me the mid-range on the HD800S is simply sublime. I believe it was that which made me feel that the sound was unnatural at first. The word which keeps coming to me is precision. Their midrange is (shockingly) only slightly recessed and the whole tonality would probably be very mid forward if it weren't for the open design that gives the mids a place more in the back, the whole construct leading to an amazing soundstage that I would even name a soundscape. (however I confirm with sennheiser technical support that it is normal). The Midrange of HD800S is clear and vivid. ", HD800S is probably the answer at this momment in time and space, considering their technical abilities and sound alone. Materials could've been much more befitting of the premium price, cables causes worry when detaching. Sub-bass extension is fantastic as one would expect from a $2000 headphone but sub-bass has a softer character, it’s not as impactful as the closed B&W P9 for example. Comparison was this time with the iDSD and also the LP5. Together with HDVD800 which is another 1700$, you get an end game setup after which there isn't that much more space left to explore. The first time I heard an HD800 was when AVstore was still in their old headquarters. A modern classic, Sennheiser's reference class HD 800 headphones deliver sound that is as natural as possible and true in every detail. This adds some euphonic warmth, but does seem to overly colour the sound. From design and build through to fit and finish, the HD800S is definitely TOTL and one of the best dynamic circum-aural open headphones you can buy today. HD800 is amazing at recovering those details. The original HD800 was pretty bass light and the spike in the upper registers made it slightly hard to listen. Sennheiser HD800S prices dropping Sennheiser HD800S prices dropping. Cables use proprietary connectors but are of great quality. Covering these surfaces to varying degrees with felt, foam or perforated non-slip matting seems to improve things considerably, reducing the internal reflections. They are big and their case is even bigger, and quite thick. Many headphones will scratch if i whould putt them on a hard table or something. The room was fairly quiet, and I simply had no reason to add more volume (there was enough clarity definition not to look for any more volume). Audioquest NightHawk was similar to HD800 in comfort, but I spent far too little time with NightHawk to make a clear assessment of them in any way. For most people, the price will be a barrier, Soundstage, Soundstage, Soundstage/End to end extension/Bass texture/Resolving mids/Clarity without fatigue/Amazing comfort/Build is great, Proprietary cable connectors/3M cable is a bit cumbersome even at home/Limited isolation/Require a solid source, For those who are just getting into audio or are not familiar with Sennheiser (you should be! Well this time The HD800S frame is primarily in black and to me it looks gorgeous. The HD800s has a noticeable amount of increased sub and mid-bass compared to … © Sound Media Group. The build and materials are exactly the same as the original HD800, with a few exceptions. Their headphones and microphones alike are highly regarded for their sonic qualities and versatility, and their products can be found in multiple categories including professional use in aviation and marine communications, through to domestic headphones. I am not treble sensitive (at all), and in the past have really enjoyed headphones like the K701, SR325i, and of course the T1 and DT880. I use Amber Rubarth's binaural album Sessions from the 7, Completely spherically presented stage with impressive width depth and height. Message. The adjusting mechanism is not overly smooth, but it's really well secured and it will remain in the position you place it. The subtly ridged silver accents really complement the grey frame and the matte finish doesn’t mark up nearly as much as other matte finished headphones I’ve owned. It sounds really good out of practically everything I've tried, and sublime out of the iDSD and also the LP5 – which really was a clincher. Lastly was the TOTL Luxury & Precision LP5. The HD600 is definitely lighter, and this may appeal to some. Thanks again! I have to say that IMO it's the other way round: To me, HD800 is diffuse field equalized, which sounds different from free field equalized headphones like the Adeze's LCD series. It expands over the horizon and encompasses you in a sphere of music, it's width id a perfect 360 circle and it's weight forms a perfect 360 circle as well, encompassing you in the music. Upper mid-range – elevated compared to lower mid-range, but utilising the natural rise which lends to great cohesion between upper and lower mid-range. The Sennheiser HD800S are big and bulky headphones that do not fold into a more compact format for transport. They are also built to incredibly tight tolerances; everything from the headband adjustment slider to the spring loaded hangers just glide with perfect friction and tension. For my preferences, that little extra punchiness is spot on and bass can generate huge authority and rumble when called for. Warm amps really adds more bass (High output impedance amp will add even more bass, but take away some details and clarity from the bass thou). The #HD800S Anniversary Edition celebrates 75 years of Sennheiser sound expertise and innovation. Australian Business Number 79 662 719 408, The Funk Firm Houdini Cartridge Decoupler Review, Panamorph Releases New Scope Lens for Sony and JVC Projectors, Sonus Faber Announces Maxima Amator Floorstanding Speakers, Technics Delivers New All-in-One for Christmas, Denon Home: Why You Should Think About Stereo Pairing, Accustic Arts POWER I MK4 Stereo Integrated Amplifier Review, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs: Charles Mingus – Ah Um Review, Unbeatable Native 4K Projector Promotion from Sony, Wireworld Introduces 8K Fibre Optic HDMI Cable Range, Classé Audio Available in Australia Once Again. My next test as a desktop was to utilise FiiO's K5 – first with the E17K (real budget set-up), and then with the X7. This became problematic with some music as, say, the Cowboy Junkies famous song Sweet Jane, becomes SCHWEEEEEEEET Jane, which is unpleasant to listen to. Their price is very high - ridiculously so - but so is their audio quality, so you're going to chose there. the track but similarly get out of the way during calmer passages. And interesting point about the two different ways of tuning. You're kidding right Brooko? That "something" was a pair of HD800 S, prompting me to ask for a quick video. HD800S costs a hefty amount, about 1700$, but it is the last bechmark headphone you will need. Why I feel so strongly about the unboxing experience. Of course I jumped at the chance, keen to hear what changes Sennheiser had made, and what the initial fuss was all about. The HD800S also does exceptionally well with higher volume listening, they are surprisingly unfatiguing despite their resolving nature and just as their comfort permits lengthy listening sessions, their marvellous sound is sure to prolong them. Once worn, they don’t touch the ears at all - instead, the pads distribute pressure evenly around the outside. The HD800s houses an enormous 56mm dynamic driver - one of the largest available in the consumer headphone market today. Extender looks like plastic but is in fact a high-tech polymer. The. For the purposes of this review – I have used the HD800S out of many sources – including my iDSD (desktop), FiiO X7, L&P LP5, and utilised both solid state amplifiers (FiiO K5 + E17K, and iFi iDSD) and tube amplifiers (LD MKIV and Venture Electronics Enterprise. Fit and finish is spot on and comfort is almost perfect, I’m glad Sennheiser stuck to their tried and tested design because it simply works exceptionally well. That hole has been the centre of attention, pun very much intended, as it holds the secret to the difference between the HD800 and HD800 S. Before explaining more, it is worth re-visiting the original model and some of the good and arguably less good aspects of its design. The HD800S have a level of design and finish that I haven’t seen on. Most of the testing at this point (unless otherwise stated) was done with my iFi iDSD both as DAC and amp. Higher strings are similarly flattered, they are not overly forward in the mix and have a pleasing timbre and sense of dynamics; the HD800S. Even if you aren't going to buy a pair, you can always take a listen as it'll be eye opening. Mid-bass – slightly elevated compared to sub-bass and lower mid-range, but a natural hump which doesn't sound too boomy or over done. Sony XB-1000 also has some of the biggest pads in the world, but they are not as comfortable as HD800S for me, thought XB1000 is pretty comfortable as well. Being a fairly large diaphragm and the cups being large, the result is quite a large presentation of the music. I have no problem adjusting quickly and easily for a fantastic seal. It’s easy to see why so many like the HD800S so much; they are impeccably engineered and transparent but also remain natural and inviting. This innovation was a key element in making the IE 800 the world’s best sounding in ear headphone, and in the HD 800 S it helps to bring even greater purity and precision”. My very first impression was that they are spikey. At this price you could find a really nice set of planar magnetics or even electrostatic headphones; both technologies that boast several inherent benefits over the traditional dynamic driver. If I want a touch more, I'll EQ them 4db @ 20Hz and they have all the thump they need ...for me! If anyone wants an idea of how revealing the HD800S are, I finally noticed a low level bit of noise with the Enterprise and no music playing. So as you can see, the amount of thought that went into this design is simply phenomenal. Unfortunately I wear glasses and the clamp force (while by no means excessive) is enough to force my glasses onto the bridge of my nose. I would say that even though you won't get out of the house using HD800S, they seriously look like something you would feel good wearing outside. In terms of sonic ability, the T1 is slightly brighter and peakier overall – with the HD800S having no less clarity and resolution, but a more balanced signature overall. In that time, I got to hear and own the AKG K701/702, DT880, RS1, SRH1840, HD700 and HD600. But value will be relative to individual perception, and as I stated in my title – these are end-game for me (essentially they tick every one of my boxes). I would probably liked to have a pair of pads, say if something were to happen, but the box is nice and presents the headphones well. While the effect isn’t quite pronounced as with the ie800, perhaps due to in-ears being especially prone to this phenomena, the HD800S does still have an incredibly resolving sound which reveals a similar amount of detail without fatigue. OCC Silver Plated Cable for Sennheiser Headphones - Handmade in UK. Soundstage is without a doubt the strongest aspect of the HD800’s sound; it’s the largest, most separated sounding headphones that I have ever heard. For anyone wanting to read about my findings then – try. Overall the HD800S is a headphone which has amazing levels of vocal clarity, but also enough bottom end to sound completely natural, and maybe ever so slightly warm. JavaScript is disabled. This sits atop a 45mm wide and 10mm high padded underside with microfibre covering. The secret to both is relaxing the clamp. Sennheiser is one of the largest headphone manufacturers in the world, founded in 1945. if any other headphones including those from Fostex and Oppo. The cable terminates in a usual 1/4inch plug or XLR connector should you have a balanced source. The tonality on HD800S is pretty much flat and neutral, with a smidgen of bass and a sprinkle of treble to it - but still not colored nor bass heavy nor necessarily bright. Awesome unit that has seen very limited use. Our Verdict. Not bad for a company that started from such small beginnings just 70 years ago. Cable is handmade from 4 strands of either Litz copper or Silver plated wire, sleeved with high quality paracord in colour combination of your choosing. So there could be some balanced HD800 cables on the used market soon. If I use a different. Nevertheless, the bass didn't really distort even when heavily enhanced, but to get the best bass and control over it you need a good amp pairing for HD800S. Quality is impeccable as expected, cymbals are incredibly textured and shimmer without raspiness. This was mostly thanks to Head-Fi friendship with a fellow NZer (Rizki – I still owe you), when I finally got to hear the legendary HD800 and also AKG's new K812, and compare them with my set-up at the time. Micro details clearly presented – from the sounds of fingers sliding on strings through to singers drawing a breath. HD800S is picky about it's amps and is hard to drive. SENNHEISER HDVA600 CARDAS CLEAR XLR HD800S Must say that the XLR stock cable that comes with the HD800S is also very good. Sennheiser - Headphones & Headsets - Microphones - Business Communications - Service & Support - Discover True Sound - Top-quality products and tailor made solutions for every aspect of recording, transmission, and reproduction of sound. The HD800S also sounds much more dynamic, extended in either direction and the soundstage expands considerably when running out of the Oppo. I've heard many fine headphones in my time on Head-Fi – including the LCD2 and 3, top line Grados, and many others – particularly at our local meet. In addition, due to the exceptional soundstage, complex passages are reproduced with ease and refinement; the HD800S oozes that character of effortlessness that is often only glimpsed by lower end gear. These connectors are a barrel type which is unique to the HD800 and HD800S, and consists of a single male plug (on each side) with two recessed pins, which fits perfectly into a slotted receptacle socket on the HD800S. A full list of the gear I have owned (past and present is listed in my Head-Fi profile). but also fit them with comfort and ergonomics (as seen by the earcups, headband tension and spring loaded hangers). I’ll have to look up that Diana Krull song. The HD800 was always described by others as needing a synergistic source and amp combo to get the best out of them. The weight is not too high nor too low, due to the weight distribution system working really well you won't feel any fatigue from wearing HD800S albeit they weight a hefty 330 grams. I didn't know before that certain tracks had certain details. On the other end of the scale, Woo Audio's WA8 has the most syrupy delicious presentation, and my peak amp for both dynamics sounding pleasant is ALO Audio's Studio Six. Expensive? Seven years on and the only thing that had been added or changed with the HD800 was the introduction of an optional balanced cable to go along with Sennheiser's headphone amplifiers, the headphones themselves still highly competitive with everything out there, though arguably with careful amplifier and cable considerations, or possibly damping mods, depending who you ask. The head pad and ear pads are not the most robust and may require replacement after some years, which is thankfully not that costly, unlike the cable! It has a lower frequency for better bass, the treble spike has also been fixed. The front also features in image of the left hand ear-cup, and the simple slogan “crafter for perfection”. By What Hi-Fi? Each of the yokes has a left and right designator printed in silver on the rear, and adjacent to this is the cable socket. Please help me. Accurate imaging. Accessories – 7/10, … The other big difference comes down to price. Not sure if the iPurifier2 is faulty - but suddenly the distortion was gone, and everything is back to crystal clear again. The transducer itself is 56mm (which Sennheiser tells us is the largest to be used in a dynamic headphone), is a ring radiator design, and is encased in stainless steel for further dampening of unwanted vibration. The HD800 uses a ring radiator driver -- basically a shape that looks like one side of a donut with a hole in the middle. But the HD800S is honestly the most resolving headphone I’ve ever experienced and happens to be very comfortable to boot, something I prioritise very highly; so many high-end headphones are simply unlivable and this physical discomfort detracts from the listening experience. Sennheiser HD800, HD800s, HD820. I have no doubt that the HD800S will scale incredibly well with an even better source, but for now, this is best I can provide. When compared to HD800, HD800S has ever so slightly more bass giving it a slightly fuller sound with a slightly stronger impact. Improving on a seemingly perfect formula is not a task undertaken lightly, but Sennheiser’s engineers have succeeded in enhancing still further the sound reproduction in the open, circumaural HD 800 S. which the HA-1 doesn't do. The balanced mid - treble - bass ratio gives a lifelike feeling to the voices, female voices being not too weighty neither too weightless. All comparisons were volume matched with a 1 kHz tone and using a proper SPL meter first. There are some barcodes on the back and sides, along with logos for the Hi-Res Audio standard and their own 2 year warranty. I tried this myself with non-slip matting I bought in my local hardware store. Writing on the keyboard is slightly heard while wearing my Dj One Pro (well isolating) is on but music off, and writing on keyboard is inaudible while music is on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the HD800S is the ultimate headphone, Sennheiser themselves make the Orpheus, an even more extravagant headphone at an equally unobtainable price tag of $50,000.

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