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how to mature a fruit cake quickly

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Yea, I age my fruit cakes too. Marzipan is used for fruitcakes for a smoother finish and due to tradition. Like others I too have made and given fresh baked fruit cakes in an "emergency" - one of which was a Golden Wedding cake, they only had 50 years to remember the date! I find them on eBay and Amazon. Your email address will not be published. Due to how moist they are though, they do not need to be aged for long. If you want to use just plastic wraps and foil paper, air might still get to the cake through creases and possible holes made in the foil through unwrapping and wrapping. Cover the cake with foil if it looks like it’s browning too quickly. You wrap when the cake is completely cool. Ensure that you use clean skewers to poke the holes as dirty skewers will introduce gems and bacteria to the fruit cake. From your description, it sounds as if your cake has matured nicely. Can I bake now and age with your method and if I do will I still get the same result as yours or almost same result. Can you kindly provide a non-alcoholic recipe? Dear, Today I made my mothers recipe for fruitcake.It doesn’t use alcohol and she used to age hers but I’m not sure how. but Terry, you never finish whatever dey inside that cup which you have been drinking since all this years? They keep well. You can use more than this quantity if you would like a particularly boozy cake. You have a choice of white rum, spiced rum, brandy, whiskey, cognac or liqueurs like Grand Marnier. You also need to poke holes on top of the cake so that the liquor can get to the bottom of the cake. (1) Yes (2) Tradition. Place cake on top and heat until the liquor begins to simmer. (1) Yes. Or will it only mature undecorated and wrapped up, if that makes sense?! Would it be OK to decorate upside down??!! 09 December 2019. If the cake browns too fast, place foil over the top and continue to bake. Thanks Serah. I was wondering if i could just inject the cake at various points with alcohol instead of spraying? 03 of 10. Dampen the paper with water and fold up … Hi Quinn, you will be amazed. Here is the recipe Katie’s White Fruitcake: 3 cups all-purpose flour PS: Your mother’s white fruit cake recipe sounds great and interesting. Does a plastic bowl with firm lid, as opposed to a tin, work for storing a cake that is ageing or not? Arrange pecan halves, whole almonds, candied cherries, or other fruit decoratively on the cake. Hi Kankemwa. fNo. Thank you for the advice though. Mrs Jones turns her cake the right way up in readiness for feeding and storing. Nice work. 2.Why cover a fruit Cake with Marzipan first before fondant, why not just fondant please? We had a fruit cake at our hunting camp in upstate PA. We had it for 5 or 6 years. I have a question though, won’t the cake get spoilt before the end of the aging process since alcohol is not for preservation? A fruit cake which is wrapped up before it has completely cooled can also become mouldy. • Do NOT overcook – remove from oven when toothpick comes out cleanly and place on cooling rack. I have a couple more: 1. The duration for which you age them is up to you. I would suggest the Caribbean Black Fruitcake or Pina Colada Fruitcake as those do not necessarily require lengthy aging. This takes hours. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It is still appreciated. If you so continue to feed it, how much? Hi Tom. hope to learn a lot here and need to know if you have new sletter when ever you write something new? Hi Donna, thanks for sharing your method with us. Brush over the tops of the cakes and let set. Store the cakes at room temperature until ready to gift or eat. Thanks for sharing. Injecting might not achieve the same effect. Let me clarify, First. Thanks for your mail. Thanks! We learn everyday. hello Terry thanks for sharing. Just stumbled on your blog now.God bless you really good and enlarge you. I’d play safe and use the fridge. You may wish to cover fruitcakes with aluminum foil for the last half hour of baking. Possibly a touch of honey or molasses for a deep flavour and additional stickness. 2. • Transfer 2 cups of leavened flour to mixture and blend together 105. Open to any suggestions you may offer and thanks in advance. Grand Marnier happens to be my aging liquor of choice because its citrus flavor goes well with the citrus notes in the fruit cake. Pre-soaking the fruit really makes a difference, so do make time for this. The alcohol you use to age your fruit cake is also up to you. Do you continue to keep it at room temperature in your tins or do you refrigerate or freeze it? Final wrapping is a heavy layer of foil since I don’t happen to have any tins at this moment. 1 star rating. How to soak fruits for Jamaican Christmas cake. I’ve read on your blog to not age the cake in the fridge – rather keep it in a cool, dark place well wrapped…unfortunately I live in Outback Australia and it’s currently summer here (so 40-45 degrees Celsius daily)…not ideal temperatures for keeping a cake cool.. lol. If you prefer your Christmas cake rich, then leaving the cake to mature for longer will enhance the flavours of the dried fruit. Where do you purvhase yoyr tins for aging a fruit cake? It won’t however be as moist and delicious as when you age it for long. Does foil paper have the capacity to affect the taste of any type of Cake, or just fruit cakes? Then feed the cake just a little more alcohol, and leave for an hour to let that soak in. Yes, just on top The alcohol will diffuse to other parts of the cake. This is amazing. Very interesting site Terry. I know it is best matured for 3 months but will it be OK baked, left overnight, then decorated? Bro Terry,thanks a million times for reminding me of this great and wonderful tips that goes a long way in baking the right way.God bless you. Do you continue as is or do you reduce the amount of liquor used? This Easy Gluten-Free Fruit Cake will be an ideal addition to your festive celebrations. Is it a traditional thing over there like the xmas turkey too? Set the cake on a plate to cool and serve. Perfectly sealed!!! Although, you can't beat a good mature fruit cake. FEEDING YOUR CAKE If you notice your cake is going dark in the oven too early on and you’re worried about it burning on the top, cover it with some foil or baking parchment. I haven’t made fruit cake in several years and have a question just to clarify my process. Up to 7 weeks out (or as close as the day before): Bake your fruitcakes. These various stages of wrapping and sealing are important. (I am thinking 1/4cup each, however I may be wrong). But my my brother, please I need help. Are these cakes same as what eat in wedding? 3. Store your cake in a sealed container until it needs feeding again. I made a pile one year using TVP (texturized veggie ) pulverized in a blender as my flour.. Fruit: You don’t have to just use the dried fruit in this recipe, you can mix in all sorts of other tasty ingredients like apricots, cranberries, currants, blueberries, and prunes.Mix and match them to change up the flavors of the cake without having to change the base ingredients, and you may find a new family favorite variation. The secret to making this boozy cake is making it ahead of time so the flavors mature and the alcohol has macerated with the fruit. • Mix water and reduced sherry into mixture I would then age them in a tin of sufficent size. That is also possible. I would like to reduce the overall quantity of sugar used in your “Traditional Christmas Fruitcake” – dark and light brown sugar respectively. I am however yet to try this method. Sometimes over night. (once happened to a friends wedding cake that her mother made – all had to be re-covered last minute due to brown patches on the white cake!) We had mo heat, except when we were there. Wow, have to try out dis Christmas cake recipe. Thanks. If you prefer not to use alcohol, try tea instead. The bottom tier, 10", is to be fruit cake. Don't worry, we are all our own worst critics, people will be amazed at what you produce, and you will have helped make someones celebrations extra special. @ ur dp #okbye. I just realised that I never replied to say thank you for your response. Tastes better with age. This fruit cake recipe is perfect for birthday parties, weddings & even Christmas. Is it important to soak fruity in brandy for other cakes? I make my great great aunny’s fruitcake recipe using the standard 9.5″ diameter bundt pan for that old world feel. The fun part: you can create different shapes and colors to match any celebration theme. There's no right side or wrong side to decorate, the flat side is more even if you want the cake to look really smooth when iced. What is the name of and where do you buy the waxy cardboard collars for the cakes. Any fruitcake can be aged with rum or whiskey. As to question 2, I bake in August or September, “feed” occasionally ’til December, and the cake lasts me ’til the following December when I start to enjoy the next fruitcake. Good luck with the decorating. Re-wrap your cake with baking paper/tin foil ensuring that the whole cake is covered. I simply gave them as gifts, bowl, lid and all. This is especially so if you notice alcohol swamping at one portion of the cake. (1) Just before wrapping and sealing. (2) Wrapped up tightly immediately. 3. Thanks Terry, I have two questions, Wrap … Continue covering the pan and then spooning sauce until most of the alcohol is absorbed. Thanks , Hi, I think the cake term maturing may refer to feeding it with alcohol. Please can you give me a recipe for bread cake I.e bread dat taste more like a cake. That’s fine. Thank you for the helpful information.I heard that fruits “sink ” and have to be coaed with flour? The soak in alcohol is not for preservation, but for flavor and moisture. Hi. Hi Dennise, yes it would work for a wedding cake. No it wont get spoiled. I stumbled upon it every so often during a cake related search and its been great to see your development and additions. (1) I give each fruitcake about 20 good sprays. I would like to know when the Traditional Christmas Fruitcake should be fed with alcohol for the first time after it has been baked. This tube cake isn't a classic candied fruit-filled fruitcake, but it is a fabulously moist and dense option, filled with bourbon-plumped raisins and lots of chopped pecans. I’m trying to age my fruit cake for the first time so your information really helps a lot. They fit in the pans but are not really tall. I usually age mine for 3 months. Cheers 1. Again, this year, not having tins etc., and having wrapped them as I did, when I open them for their additional rum feedings, should I re-wrap the in fresh plastic wrap/foil or just re-wrap the same layers of same? Sounds perfect! 2. God bless you for all you do, Terry. Hi Terry, I’m baking my wedding cake 3 months out (1 tier is fruitcake). (2) I have none. What quantity of alcohol do u need each time u spray the cake and do u poke the holes for each time. Now to your question, I do not believe aging fruitcakes for long require continuous feeding with alcohol. Thank you ahead of time for uour reply! Let the cakes cool, and wrap tightly in plastic wrap. The alcohol remains in the cakes so they might not be kids friendly. My mom and dad make it now, and soon I will (but, as a father I have failed, my kids don’t appreciate good fruit cake). A fruit cake is mature after 6 weeks in a cooler climate, kept at room temperature, but in your case you probably need to use it faster so go with the first suggestion if you can. It’s a cake that uses 16 beaten-stiff egg whites and two pounds candied fruit (cherries, pineapple, lemon and orange peal). wow! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Heartbroken here. Then take a strip of kitchen towel the same length fold lengthways so that you have a long strip of paper about the height of your cake tin. Or is that completely wrong? Can I also use preservative for my fruit cake instead of soaking d fruits in brandy…..tanks. I would recommend storing them in a cupboard, pantry or closet. thanks . Then place on top of the foil. Fruitcake recipes almost never include alcohol, which would bake off anyway. One key ingredient is 2 teaspoons sherry extract – which is now very difficult to find outside the commercial bakery market. Well, I learnt from that experience and I am going to show you below how to properly age a fruitcake. • Mix flour and baking powder in separate medium bowl If you're after an easy Christmas cake recipe, you can't go wrong with this boil and bake version. Also, she never used alcohol to age her cakes – just a month in the refrigerator, but now reading your post makes me want to age it more traditionally. 2 cups sugar How soon after baking do you wrap the cake up please? (2) Usually, I poke only once. Soaking the fruits ensure they are already moist so the cake stays moist and flavorful for longer. I’ve read that this cake does not NEED to be aged, but can be. To seal a fruit cake, I usually wrap it in 3 layers. It’s all fruit and no ‘cake’. There are no eggs.. and I don’t remember using any butter. Never heard of ageing cakes. Hi Terry, thank you for this wonderful post. Ensure that the cake does not come in contact with the foil paper or it would affect the taste of the cake. Thanks for sharing Seth. You can subscribe to my blog by asking for notifications about new posts below. Your cake will be sealed with your marzipan and icing, so will sit protected by them both. In the past, I have wrapped my cakes as my grandmother did: first in 100% cotton muslin rum saturated cheese cloths which I made myself as she always did. As for resisting the urge to dig in, its tough! The best Jamaican cake comes from a fruit that has been soaked for almost one year. She was thrilled. (all ingredients must be room temperature), • Preheat oven to 250 degrees Hi, am just starting a cake business and i would want to venture into aged fruit cakes for functins as is the tradition in my country. I won’t suggest aging them for less than 2 months. I would like to receive the latest videos direct to my inbox. Spoon over 1-2 tbsp of the alcohol/fruit juice of your choice ensuring that the whole cake is evenly covered. I plan to keep one for a couple of years and see how it turns out. To Assemble A Fresh Fruit Cake Lay your base tier on your serving plate. It will fizzle and sizzle, but that’s fine. Hi. I live in Canada. Couple of questions please, The fruits in the cake need alcohol to age properly. Happy baking!! I have resigned myself to order a couple off of Amazon, even though The Container Store had plain silver tins. I wrapped the cakes in unbleached muslin fabric which I keep around strictly for food preps of various types. Hey Terry, Can I just wrap it tightly and leave it for a period of time which is what I suspect she used to do?It has more fruit than batter .Is it possible to spray it with fruit juice while it ages? No body is willing to share this recipe on how that result is achieved. The wrapped cake is then placed in a cake tin with a tight fitted lid. My question for my own ‘clarity’ is: When I unwrap the cakes for their feeding, I normally don’t unwrap the cheese cloth and just spray them through it. But I suggest 3 months for the best results. It will age, just not as well/fast. You are very generous. Then, I sprayed them with rum. Had so many compliments. Hi. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Fruit juice might well result in mold. This is true. VARIATIONS ON FRUIT CAKE. Cheese cloths will have bee left undisturbed as in the past, of course. Or still better to leave out even though it’s quite warm? In the past, I aged them in nice glass bowls with tight fitting lids and didn’t disturb the cloth covered cakes. Yes it is. Also, I don’t know if this is a silly question or not If the cake is fed with alcohol does this mean children can’t eat the cake?? Many thanks. Hi. Sealing your fruit cake properly is very important. this is a great find! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I need more clarity. In case you want the cake done immediately, fruit safely kept in an airtight container for one month will work incredibly. Thanks for your comment Kevin. 5. I’ve just made my mother’s white fruit cake. thank for this aging cake tutorial may lord continue to strengthen you terry, Hi terry,you are so blessed. Hello Terry, Well, my three muslin wrapped fruit cakes turned out fabulous. Christmas Lizzies The Spruce. You are welcome Yvonne. Make sure you use butter and dark muscovado sugar for the very best flavour. Also, after looking at Mrs Jones fruit cake recipe video, when she turns out of the tin upside down to the rack, obviously the cake has perfect edges and top, whereas when she turns back the right way the top is naturally a bit bumpy. The fruit & nuts for the Caribbean Black have now soaked for about four weeks, and today is baking day. Maybe just for a week for it to soften a bit and for the flavors to develop. Hi Terry. • Divide batter into four lined and buttered bread pans Your cakes should be fed about once a week with alcohol. Brush cakes generously with sweet sherry, brandy, rum, port, liqueur or fruit juice; do not use wine. It's super simple to prepare but requires plenty of time to set. I have also read about other methods of long aging which involves wrapping the cakes in alcohol-soaked muslin fabric and burying them in icing sugar for up to a year in a sealed container. If there is a hole at the top of your cake, fill it with melon scraps. If i bake, cool and feed with alcohol ,how long does it stay before spoilage after the first feed. Add milk and mix it and transfer into butter paper placed mould. I would usually transfer my fruitcakes to the fridge after about 6 – 8 months of aging and leave them there until needed. Preheat oven at 180 degrees and bake it for 30 minutes. With a style of cooking he refers to as Afro-European Fusion, his meals are influenced greatly by French and Italian Cuisine with a West African twist. Pls is it possible to air dry the mixed fruits (just before mixing them with the flour) after they must have been soaked in alcohol overnight? It is also helpful to write a few details about the cake like type of aging alcohol, types of nuts or any special spice or ingredients you might have included in it. After that, I wrapped them in heavy duty foil and put them into large bowls with the rubber strips in the locking/sealing channel and pressed down the locking wings on all sides. 2 Tablespoons water I've made fruit cakes before and baked them about a week before they were needed and so far I've had no complaints about the taste. If you love good food, you are in for the ride of your life. Before covering with fondant, brush with apricot jam and cover with marzipan. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Whats the reason for aging a fruit cake,i dont understand why? We are going to give aging a try, but are wondering, should Caribbean Black be “fed”, as traditional fruitcakes are? Terry you are simply amazing. I have some questions please: 1. Its better experienced. While fresh fruit keeps the cake moist, dry fruits can take moisture from the cake. Unfortunately I know nothing about preservatives. The fruits in the cake need alcohol to age properly. The first layer consists of cling film. That's fine as long as you don't want to feed the cake while it is maturing. Honestly the best fruit cake we've ever made. But if as it ages you feel you need to poke more holes, do so. ½ cup drinking sherry (reduced to 2 teaspoons) Fruit cakes will get spoiled if exposed to too much heat. I don’t have such a recipe. Maybe reduce the amount up front? To egg, mixture bowl add all purpose flour mixture and mix it in one direction and add half of the mixed dry fruits along with tutti fruit mixture and mix it. Fruit cake is a very popular recipe made of fresh fruits. Last year I had soaked the fruits in the 3rd week of November, and by the first week week of December it was time to bake the cake, giving a little time for the cake to mature. (3) 1/4 each should be fine. The alcohol you use to age your fruit cake is also up to you. You can. For a traditional fruit cake recipe, click here. I won’t suggest aging them for less than 2 months. © 2020 CakeFlix Ltd. All rights reserved. X. Hi. Please do I still have any hope of baking Christmas fruit cake this weekend. I assume those fit in the pans tbe cakes are baked in? Today I show you how to make a delicious fruit cake. Hey Terry. Yes, always label your fruit cakes with at least the date of production. Each year that cake was better than the year before. If aging a fruit cake for an extended period of time such as you describe, do you continue to feed it the entire time? lol. After posting my guide on how to soak fruits for a Christmas Cake I have followed up with this recipe for baking the rich Christmas fruit cake. Once fed with alcohol, should the cake be wrapped up again immediately and stored away again or does it need to sit out unwrapped for a given period of time? Fruitcake can be eaten soon after, but will be difficult to cut – even with sharp serrated knife. (1) No, typically, aging is reserved for fruitcakes. post #3 of 8 I dont age my cakes in the fridge. It was kept in a pantry. Make-A-Head Christmas Fruitcake Recipe. The is an easy way to make delicious fruit cake recipe at home. The advantage of spraying is that the alcohol gets evenly distributed. Hi. Thanks for the clarification. . Even Dollar Stores around me either did not have one of sufficient size or did not maintain a seal for very long. Let the cake cool in the tin. Correct. Meanwhile, make the glaze by mixing enough icing sugar and orange juice to make a thick smooth glaze. I baked the traditional Christmas cake last night and I’ve wrapped it securely and stored it away in a cool drawer. hie Terry thank you for the tips a question though the traditional cake would it be ideal for a wedding cake and when do i bake it if i want it to be for a wedding in december and to at least stay a year after i have persented it for the wedding. The Dollar Store. Please how do you handle requests for your fruit cakes if you get those before December which is when your fruitcakes are usually ready? (I haven’t been able to find a cake tin yet). I am certainly going to try out this recipe and give you feedback. (with or without ageing with alcohol). I believe they reach a point of saturation at some point. (1) No. Hi thank you for all the great advice! The tradition is that is was a smooth base for the now ‘old fashioned’ royal icing and ALSO it was a barrier so the colour of the royal icing or fondant is not marred by any seepage from the cakes. Just to be clear, should the cake be sprayed on top only and not on the sides as well? post about making a quick Christmas cake from Phil and Kirstie's programme? • Line 4 metal bread pans with aluminum foil and butter Carefully remove from tin, and take away lining papers.

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