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how did bill evans die

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{"id":98,"instanceName":"Bill Evans Trio in Buenos Aires - Laurie - Ad = Paul Jost","videos":[{"videoType":"youtube","title":"Bill Evans Trio in Buenos Aires - Laurie","description":"Bill Evans Trio in Buenos Aires Volume 2.\r\nRecorded in September 27, 1979 at Theatro Municipal General San Martin of Buenos Aires, Argentina. At 22 years old Laurie had already begun her big adventure, exploring the free love of the 1970s and all that North American society had on offer. [41], Evans left Davis' sextet in November 1958 and stayed with his parents in Florida and his brother in Louisiana. In December 1959 the band recorded its first album, Portrait in Jazz for Riverside Records. [47], In summer 1963, Evans and his girlfriend Ellaine left their flat in New York and settled in his parents' home in Florida, where, it seems, they quit the habit for some time. [45] By the fall of 1959, Evans had started his own trio with Jimmy Garrison and Kenny Dennis, but it was short-lived.[33]. He had a brother, Harry (Harold), two years his senior, to whom he was very close. [33] The trio with LaFaro and Motian became one of the most celebrated piano trios in jazz. Paperback $27.59 $ 27. In February 1961, shortly after the Explorations sessions, he appeared as a sideman in Oliver Nelson's The Blues and the Abstract Truth. [16] Around that time he also composed a piece called "Peace Piece". Musical theatre pieces such as “Someday My Prince Will Come” and “My Favorite Things” became in his hands bold rhythmic and chromatic experiments. Many of Evans's compositions, such as "Waltz for Debby", have become standards, played and recorded by many artists. With new bassist Chuck Israels, they recorded in December Nirvana, with flautist Herbie Mann,[6] soon followed by Undercurrent, with guitarist Jim Hall. [47] His brother Harry's suicide may have also influenced his emotional state after 1979. During college, Evans met guitarist Mundell Lowe, and after graduating, they formed a trio with bassist Red Mitchell. Evans and LaFaro would achieve a high level of musical empathy. During his lifetime, Evans was honored with 31 Grammy nominations and seven Awards. [10], In 1961, Evans produced four albums in rapid succession. On Bill Evans final day on Earth, It was Laurie that kept her tender gaze on Bill, comforting him with Joe LaBarbera ( Bill’s drum player) driving Bill’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo as they rushed him to hospital in the back of the car. [68] 3 on his senior recital, graduating with a Bachelor of Music in piano and a bachelor's in music education. Shortly thereafter, Evans received his draft notice and entered the U.S. Army. [45], During the creative process of Kind of Blue, Davis handed Evans a piece of paper with two chords—G minor and A augmented—and asked "What would you do with that?" Footnote: This year Laurie’s book is being translated into French and published in Paris by Jazz & Cie. You can also get a boxset of some privately recorded and previously unheard music of Bill’s in the form of vinyl for this edition which will be released in September 2019. I play it for a period of time, then I quickly tire of it, and I want to get back to the acoustic piano. The result was sordid living conditions, a brilliant career, two failed marriages (the first ending in a dramatic suicide), and an early death. By the turn of the decade, Evans had met a waitress named Ellaine Schultz, who would become his partner for twelve years. [10] After releasing the album, Evans spent much time studying J. S. Bach's music to improve his technique. Register to get answer. [15], The band's mostly black followers did not react favourably to the replacement of the charismatic Garland with a white musician. In 1966, Evans discovered the young Puerto Rican bassist Eddie Gómez. --Bill Evans. Evans influenced the character Seb's wardrobe in the film La La Land. [10], In early 1955, singer Lucy Reed moved to New York City to play at the Village Vanguard and The Blue Angel, and in August she recorded The Singing Reed with a group that included Evans. He was fascinated with Eastern religions and philosophies including Islam, Zen, and Buddhism. In 1966, he met bassist Eddie Gómez, with whom he worked for 11 years. [6][7] The marriage was stormy owing to his father's heavy drinking, gambling, and abuse. This trio would be Evans's last. Around the same time came his first exposure to jazz, when at age 12 he heard Tommy Dorsey and Harry James's bands on the radio. This was groundbreaking in jazz, and soon influenced musicians like Miles Davis. Media & Design. Bill Evans was driving himself evermore towards death’s door due to his adult substance uses of hard liquor, heroin and lastly cocaine which was so easily accessible. "If I am going to be sitting here playing roots, fifths and full voicings, the bass is relegated to a time machine." [50] In 1994, he was posthumously honored with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. We needed people that were interested in each other, so that we could spend a year or two just growing, without ambitions, just allowing the music to grow. [40], In September 1958, Evans recorded as a sideman in Art Farmer's album Modern Art, also featuring Benny Golson. ","twitterLink":"https:\/\/\/2018\/07\/bill-evans-an-insight-into-a-genius\/","twitterHashtags":"#BillEvans #JazzInEurope","twitterVia":"Jazzineu","googlePlus":"https:\/\/\/2018\/07\/bill-evans-an-insight-into-a-genius\/","embedShow":"No","embedCodeSrc":"","embedCodeW":746,"embedCodeH":420,"embedShareLink":"https:\/\/\/","youtubeControls":"custom controls","youtubeSkin":"light","youtubeColor":"red","youtubeQuality":"default","youtubeShowRelatedVideos":"No","vimeoColor":"00adef","showGlobalPrerollAds":false,"globalPrerollAds":"url1;url2;url3;url4;url5","globalPrerollAdsSkipTimer":5,"globalPrerollAdsGotoLink":"http:\/\/\/","videoType":"YouTube","rootFolder":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/plugins\/Elite-video-player\/"}, THE BIG LOVE – Life & Death with Bill Evans, Tim Garland launches “Winter Encounters” with Norma Winstone. In 1955, he moved to New York City, where he worked with bandleader and theorist George Russell. He is buried next to his beloved brother Harry, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Laurie Verchomin is hoping to do a small tour of these 3 countries next summer during the Jazz festival season, to collaborate with various pianists to present her writing with Bill’s music. The album won a Grammy award posthumously in 1981, along with I Will Say Goodbye. Around his third year in college, Evans composed his first known tune, "Very Early". Another important influence was bassist George Platt, who introduced Evans to the theory of harmony. [17], Evans also listened to Earl Hines, Coleman Hawkins, Bud Powell, George Shearing, Stan Getz, and Nat King Cole among others. [29] "All About Rosie" has been cited as one of the few convincing examples of composed polyphony in jazz. In May and August 1960, Evans appeared in Russell's album Jazz in the Space Age for Decca, while in late 1960, he performed on Jazz Abstractions, an album recorded under the leadership of Gunther Schuller and John Lewis. In 1961, Scott LaFaro, Evans’ bassist, was killed in a car crash at the age of 25. While he was burned out, one of the main reasons for leaving was his father's illness. As Laurie continues her searching, she goes on to share and draw you into a period of time when mixing with the likes of Dennis Hopper and other avant-garde characters on the Vancouver, BC scene, and her return to Edmonton. [22] A key figure in Evans's development was Gretchen Magee, whose methods of teaching left a big imprint on his compositional style. "[41], Shortly after, he moved back to New York, and in December Evans recorded the trio album Everybody Digs Bill Evans for Riverside Records with bassist Sam Jones and drummer Philly Joe Jones. Evans's relatives believe that Ellaine's infertility, coupled with Bill's desire to have a son, may have influenced those events. [10] Evans's friend Gene Lees described Evans's struggle with drugs as "the longest suicide in history. It happens more and more these days, that unqualified people with executive positions try to tell musicians what is good and what is bad music. Laurie is very open and her transition into an acceptance that Bill is still alive, just on another plane of universal existence, helps the reader understand her continuing deep appreciative love for everything Bill Evans and his memory. A legendás szextett egyetlen fehér tagja volt. Bill passed away on September 15, 1980 at the age of 51 in New York, New York, USA. Das letzte Trio, das er von 1978 bis zu seinem Tod mit dem jungen Bassisten Marc Johnson und dem Schlagzeuger Joe LaBarbera unterhielt, galt als das beste Evans-Trio nach jenem mit LaFaro und Motian. [47], Evans in interview with George Clabin, 1966[33]. His shelves held works by Plato, Voltaire, Whitehead, Santayana, Freud, Margaret Mead, Sartre and Thomas Merton; and he had a special fondness for Thomas Hardy's work. The complex infusion of his musical expression of life’s grief, grace, and gratitude is to hear his personal truth and the emotions it evokes within me – Nigel J. Laurie Verchomin, with a song written and named after her by Bill Evans simple titled ‘Laurie’ perhaps, gives you some insight into how special he felt she was to him in the latter years of his life. He fulfilled his obligations because he needed money, but these were the few moments in his life when he felt comfortable — the times in between must have been depressing, and he barely showed a willingness to live. The music of Bill Evans continues to inspire younger pianists including Fred Hersch, Bill Charlap, Lyle Mays, and Eliane Elias[75] and arguably Brad Mehldau[76] early in his career. His versions of jazz standards, as well as his own compositions, often featured thorough reharmonisations. "[74], Many of Evans's critics have commented on his detachment from the original black roots of jazz, believing that the European and classical traditions are of much greater import. Each day becomes all of life in microcosm. That year, he also recorded The Soul of Jazz Percussion, with Philly Joe Jones and Chambers. ","info":"Some track listings on the back of the album are incorrect:\r\ntrack 2 \\\\\\'Gary\\\\\\'s Theme\\\\\\' should be \\\\\\'Laurie\\\\\\'\r\nThanks to Laurie Verchomin to use Bill\\\\\\'s score \u00a9\r\n\r\nBill Evans piano\r\nMarc Johnson bass\r\nJoe LaBarbera drums\r\n\r\nYellow Note records 1989","thumbImg":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/04\/Paul-Jost-Simple-Life-Pre-Roll-TN.jpg","youtubeID":"dDDzEPPC_jk","prerollAD":"yes","prerollGotoLink":"http:\/\/\/2D5gFvz","preroll_mp4":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/04\/Paul-Jost-Simple-Life-Ad-1.mp4","prerollSkipTimer":"10","midrollAD":"no","midrollAD_displayTime":"midrollAD_displayTime","midrollGotoLink":"midrollGotoLink","midroll_mp4":"midroll_mp4","midrollSkipTimer":"midrollSkipTimer","postrollAD":"no","postrollGotoLink":"postrollGotoLink","postroll_mp4":"postroll_mp4","postrollSkipTimer":"postrollSkipTimer","popupAdShow":"no","popupImg":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2013\/01\/Jazz-Republic-Radio-Leaderboard.jpg","popupAdStartTime":"12","popupAdEndTime":"20","popupAdGoToLink":"https:\/\/\/Jazzineu"}],"submit":"Save Changes","instanceTheme":"light","playerLayout":"fitToContainer","videoPlayerWidth":1006,"videoPlayerHeight":420,"videoRatio":1.7777777777778,"videoRatioStretch":false,"videoPlayerShadow":"effect3","colorAccent":"#ff9100","posterImg":"","posterImgOnVideoFinish":"","logoShow":"Yes","logoPath":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/08\/JIE-Logo-New-White-Final-Video-Player.png","logoPosition":"bottom-left","logoClickable":"Yes","logoGoToLink":"https:\/\/\/2018\/07\/bill-evans-an-insight-into-a-genius\/","allowSkipAd":true,"advertisementTitle":"Advertisement","skipAdvertisementText":"Skip advertisement","skipAdText":"You can skip this ad in","playBtnTooltipTxt":"Play","pauseBtnTooltipTxt":"Pause","rewindBtnTooltipTxt":"Rewind","downloadVideoBtnTooltipTxt":"Download video","qualityBtnOpenedTooltipTxt":"Close settings","qualityBtnClosedTooltipTxt":"Settings","muteBtnTooltipTxt":"Mute","unmuteBtnTooltipTxt":"Unmute","fullscreenBtnTooltipTxt":"Fullscreen","exitFullscreenBtnTooltipTxt":"Exit fullscreen","infoBtnTooltipTxt":"Show info","embedBtnTooltipTxt":"Embed","shareBtnTooltipTxt":"Share","volumeTooltipTxt":"Volume","playlistBtnClosedTooltipTxt":"Show playlist","playlistBtnOpenedTooltipTxt":"Hide playlist","facebookBtnTooltipTxt":"Share on Facebook","twitterBtnTooltipTxt":"Share on Twitter","googlePlusBtnTooltipTxt":"Share on Google+","lastBtnTooltipTxt":"Go to last video","firstBtnTooltipTxt":"Go to first video","nextBtnTooltipTxt":"Play next video","previousBtnTooltipTxt":"Play previous video","shuffleBtnOnTooltipTxt":"Shuffle on","shuffleBtnOffTooltipTxt":"Shuffle off","nowPlayingTooltipTxt":"NOW PLAYING","embedWindowTitle1":"SHARE THIS PLAYER:","embedWindowTitle2":"EMBED THIS VIDEO IN YOUR SITE:","embedWindowTitle3":"SHARE LINK TO THIS PLAYER:","lightBox":false,"lightBoxAutoplay":false,"lightBoxThumbnail":"","lightBoxThumbnailWidth":400,"lightBoxThumbnailHeight":220,"lightBoxCloseOnOutsideClick":true,"onFinish":"Play next video","autoplay":false,"loadRandomVideoOnStart":"No","shuffle":"No","playlist":"Off","playlistBehaviourOnPageload":"opened (default)","playlistScrollType":"light","preloadSelfHosted":"none","hideVideoSource":true,"showAllControls":true,"rightClickMenu":true,"autohideControls":2,"hideControlsOnMouseOut":"No","nowPlayingText":"Yes","infoShow":"Yes","shareShow":"No","facebookShow":"Yes","twitterShow":"Yes","mailShow":"Yes","facebookShareName":"Bill Evans - An Insight Into A Genius. Wir haben unterschiedliche Hersteller untersucht und wir zeigen Ihnen als Interessierte hier alle Ergebnisse unseres Vergleichs.

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