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where is the evaporator fan located in a maytag refrigerator

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The second is inside and moves air around the coils inside the refrigerator. Right there near the fan is the drain tube. Since the evaporator unit is in the freezer compartment the freezer will stay cold just because the unit is located … A compressor pulls the refrigerant vapor back and condenses it to a high-pressure high-temperature vapor. Genuine Product, Whirlpool manufactured the original produc The most common reasons for replacing the evaporator fan motor are when the fridge is noisy or loud or is not cold enough. Most of these have a U trap. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator These Refrigerator have the same type as the side by sides. [UPGRADED] Ultra Durable W10189703 Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor by Blue Stars - Exact Fit for Whirlpool Maytag Kenmore Refrigerators - Replaces WPW10189703 W10208121 2219647 4.1 … It may be necessary to remove obstructions such as the contents of the freezer, freezer shelves, ice maker and the rear inside panel of the freezer. I can hear the compressor turn on and I can feel the rear fan pushing air (next to the compressor) ... Maytag MFI2568AES Test the Evaporator Fan with 9Volt Battery? If you like handling your own appliance repair, this is a repair job that requires a lot of disassembly but no special tools. Before you get started, unplug the refrigerator. The blades may scrape against a panel or bracket. If your refrigerator isn't cooling and you don't hear the fridge fan running, this video guides you through diagnosing what's wrong with the refrigerator evaporator fan. Evaporator coils are normally located behind the freezer compartment, and the evaporator fan must be in front of them, even if it can be moved from one side to the other. NOTE: This motor uses 2 brackets which are sold separately. Some models do not require the condenser coils to be cleaned and other models can only be cleaned by a certified technician. This is an evaporator fan motor, it is 115 volts and 60 hertz and it is for your refrigerator/freezer. The freezer is cold but no cold air is coming from the vent located inside freezer and the refrigerator above the freezer is warm. This evaporator fan motor is located in the back of the freezer, and circulates air over the refrigerator coils. Damaged fan blade. ... Before testing the fan, unplug the refrigerator … Top Freezer Refrigerator Condenser Coils The locations of the coils are pretty much the same as a side by side in most cases. Evaporator Fan Motor. "maytag replacement refrigerator condenser fan motor kit" & marketplace (413) Only. Maytag Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor Assembly 61005935. Asked by Wiki User. A refrigerator uses refrigerant evaporation to cool air blown across an evaporator coil. In most fridges this fan is located in one of the freezer compartments. (231) ... ATMA 4389144 Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor Compatible with Whirlpool Replace W10131845 W10312647 2149299 2162404 2188303 438. Replace the evaporator fan motor with the manufacturer-approved replacement part for your model. It receives the air coming from the evaporator coil and proceeds to circulate the air into the whole unit. The evaporator is the aluminum coil hidden behind a panel in the freezer compartment that makes all the cold air in your fridge. This second fan helps provide more even cooling, and also aids in the defrost process. Be the first to answer this question. The circulation fan seems as if it is not working based on the lack of air flow through the front vent that … read more 0 0 1. Be the first to answer! If so, there could be an obstruction in one of the fridge’s two fans. Refrigerator evaporator fan motor. Joined Sep 12, 2013 Messages 2 Location Texas. Genuine Product, Whirlpool manufactured the original produc

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