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pruning holly tree

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Shape holly shrubs so the base is wider than the top, because this allows sunlight to reach the leaves at the bottom of the bush. Hi Mrs Easton, thank you for leaving a lovely review. Use sharp bypass shears and loppers to avoid injury to the holly. Virginia Cooperative Extension: Evergreen Hollies. Cut the entire bush down to within 12 inches of the ground in late winter. Previously, she owned her own business, selling handmade items online, wholesale and at crafts fairs. The best time to prune a tree is during the dormant season, or late winter through early spring. Get a quick no obligation tree surgeon quote The subject: A chunky little tree holly, newly planted, per our design. Email:, Excellent & friendly service at superb rates. We have a lovely standard holly, 'JC Van Tol', but the leaves and berries are towards the end of the branches leaving it very sparse in the middle. Pines are pruned in early June to early July. Sun 8am-10.30am The new flush of spring growth will help the holly recover from the severe pruning. Starting about 18 inches from the trunk, make the first cut on the underside of the branch cutting half way through. It can grow up to 15 metres in height and often lives up to 300 years. Will pruning help to thicken up? Don’t be alarmed by leaves turning yellow and falling in summer, however, as this is simply the normal shedding of old leaves. The tree generally only needs light pruning in order to keep it looking tidy and to maintain its health by removing any congested branches to boost airflow. If a branch appears diseased, disinfect the shears in the bleach solution after cutting. Fall is the perfect time to examine your trees, shrubs, and vines and come up with a pruning plan. Read on to find out…. Hollies (Ilex spp.) They’ll also be able to spot and deal with any signs of disease. * SPECIAL NOTE: Some trees should be allowed to let their lowest limbs grow until they sweep the ground. The holly tree is a favorite of many home landscapes. There are different techniques of shaping and specific places on the shrub where you should make the cuts, so don't just start chopping. Use bypass pruning shears for branches up to 1/2 inch in diameter, long-handled lopping shears for those from 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches, and pruning saws … Shape a holly by shearing back the sides and tops by up to one-third of the plant's size. If there is a TPO in place then you’ll need to make an application to the local authority for permission to carry out tree works and you could find this permission takes anything up to eight weeks to come through. Holly leaves and berries are also toxic. Harrington's specialties include small business information, crafting, decorating and gardening. However, it is vital not to leave it until too late in the summer, because the early autumn frosts will damage the new growth and the sap will attract bugs which bring with them disease. Holly leaves and berries are also toxic. ** NOTE: Some pruning in late winter & early spring may result in removing this season’s flower buds. It doesn't require much maintenance once mature which adds to its appeal. This is one of the best features of Holly plants … Prune the holly tree during the months of February to April, before new growth starts. Sat closed Disinfect the shears in a solution of 1 part bleach and 9 parts water before you trim. While some pruning maintenance as you Holly Tree ages is a good idea especially with damaged or unruly branches, most of the time Hollies have a natural shape that stays tidy. Some holly varieties have sharp, serrated leaves that can cut and prick during pruning. Cut all of the stems of your holly tree back to within 6 to 12 inches of the ground in late winter or early spring. This is part of a series on How to Prune Trees… Finally, if possible, try to engage a tree surgeon with Trading Standards and local authority approval for a guarantee of quality and value for money. These branches should be cut using sharp bypass hand pruners or loppers at a point several inches … The surprising thing is that Holly Trees generally don’t require pruning. It's not rocket science, but pruning is a bit more complicated than it looks. Most people can prune a holly bush while the plant is dormant (in winter). Removing the clippings from the garden bed and disposing of them promptly prevents accidental ingestion by children or pets. Stems that are thicker than a thumb should be cut to the ground, but never remove more than one-third of the shrub. Pruning a tree can improve its appearance, prevent pests and disease, and help the tree grow strong and healthy. The team are really pleased they come across professional and friendly. Also remove any weak or broken stems, along with any that are crossed and rubbing. However, if you prune a holly tree outside of its dormant phase, then you are likely to leave the plant open to diseases, or promote new growth that will go on to become frost damaged. The first step in pruning a holly is to remove damaged, diseased, or dead branches. These attractive, broad-leaf evergreen trees … Pruning Hollies In contrast to hedging, pruning involves cutting out entire branches of a plant to develop a particular shape or to reduce the overall size. Prune shade trees… It encourages new growth by getting rid of all of the old debris that is clogging up the works and keeping … If wanting to keep your holly tree as a Christmas tree, then cut the holly to the shape of a Christmas tree. Tree Work for Property/Land Management Agents, COVID-19 - business as usual - learn how we're working safely, Tree Surgeon in Essex | T.H Tree Services | Reviews, About T.H Tree Services®, Qualified Tree Services Company Essex. If there are any growing branches within 4 feet that are … Such pruning can be done any time during the year. Wear heavy gloves and long sleeves to avoid injury. Check this before you go ahead. You’ll need pruning … Prune evergreen shrubs (yew, holly, and boxwoods) and evergreen trees (spruce, fir) in late winter or early spring when they are still dormant and before new growth begins. They will be trained as to the best time to prune your holly tree and will know precisely the most appropriate method of doing so depending on the particular variety you have and what you are looking to achieve. 01268 642814, When should you prune a holly tree? Fri 7am-5:30pm In other words, holly tree pruning aims to maintain the attractive appearance of the plant throughout the year. Depending on the variety, hollies can grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 to 9. Your browser does not support JavaScript!. Pruners should know as a … Take a look at the ground and base of the holly tree. In addition, if the tree is situated in a conservation area, you’ll need permission before undertaking works of any kind. The holly tree blooms on old wood. While most items should wait until winter, there are a few pruning tasks you can take care of immediately. Depending on your preference and the setting of the tree, this could be either formal or informal. Why is holly tree pruning important? Mobile: 07834349211 Before you get started, take a minute to review the fundamental terms and concepts pertaining to pruning. Many types need only light pruning to retain their natural shape, but you can also prune them more formally for a hedge. Also be on the lookout for the holly leaf miner which can also cause leaf blotching, so can be confused with holly leaf blight, however the difference is the blotches are more of a yellowish purple or sometimes yellowish white and appear on the upper surface near the centre of the leaf. Look out for purple or black blotches on the leaves, and dieback of stems. Also, because the holly tree is commonly used by birds for nesting, you’ll need to make sure your tree is free from nesting birds before going ahead with any tree works, as it is an offence to disturb them.

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