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practicing counseling without a license

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A Warning for Your Counseling Practice: Be Different or Die! (In PA we don’t have a pastoral counselor license as some states do.). After you graduate in order for you meet licensure requirments, you may have to take additional classes and you have to pay a licenses counselor which averages between 30-100 dollars for every 20 hours you counsel. They must make this agreement with the state because the state admits they only have jurisdiction over psychotherapy, and consequently, can only license individuals to do psychotherapy. THAT’s why we don’t seem to connect/agree on so many points. I personally like to give the Rorschach but it isn’t helpful in this situation. I have my master’s degree in counseling from Biblical Seminary. Just my thoughts, great post by the way. And even if they did, there would be some need to explain. Just saying. I am guided by what I can and can not say and you are right the moment the client appears in a deeper state of mental discord we send them to the more specialized professionals. It is not clear, but from the title you liste above I am concerned about smearing all who charge for their counsel. My counselor and pastor have already spoke with me about this and have agreed that I am very well fit to do this as long as I respect and know my bounds. After Peers came people who just want to connect and feel empowered with People who can skillfully facilitate this. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognizing you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. I was 16 years sober last May 28 and since I have been diagnosed by most of the labels in the DSM by different psychologists and psychiatrists. As such, their disciplinary actions tend to be pretty self-serving. Much love and peace!! I am now teaching English (writing and literature) at the college level. Will I accept payment. What about those ordained individuals who actually attend a Christian Counseling school and receive their licensure through them. All the so-called “professionals” on here losing their marbles, and even using demeaning language like “sweetie”. I have been considering “Life Coach” but it just doesn’t carry the same weight. However, even state license is no guarantee at all that these goals will be met either. ( Log Out /  Yes, the theories could sometimes identify the cause of a particular problem, or the root of an issue, but were of no real value that I could see in bringing about healing to those suffering from most of these problems. Practice acts refer to those licensure laws that prohibit the practice of professional counseling without obtaining licensure. We now have a new crop, EFT practitioners. Alternate terms for licensure are registered and chartered. This means that you are free to open a private practice in your area of counseling. And, it wouldn’t be appropriate then to try to bill insurance for it. James, happy you stopped by. Each system provides a theory, or explanation, for how a person achieves and maintains mental health. As a result of the psychiatric diagnosis, she has been court ordered to undergo a evaluation requiring a bank of tests including MMPI, Rorschach, TAT, etc. Do not license Christian counselors. No psychologist, EFT, psychiatrist, MD, LPC, MSW, MFT, LCSW, ED-S, REAT, ATR can do the work for you. Hi Melissa, thanks for stopping by. No one can “treat additions [sic], depression” besides the client him- or herself. I have a Masters degree from Columbia and what I learned there doesn’t even compare to some of the outside training I have done, and the inner work I still do. Did they learn to express themselves from the I while earning their therapy degree? Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly” That’s like saying God’s got your back. Hence, from a biblical standpoint licensing is meaningless. It’s terribly frustrating! I have my malpractice insurance and I participate as a provider in two or three insurance companies. Experience is vital. He cannot and would not, however, claim expertise with trauma and/or various psychiatric diagnosis. Lori, you are very ignorant and disrespectful to all of us who has actually acquired a degree throughout MANY YEARS of graduate school. Click hereor see below for a listing of all the Canadian regulatory bodies of psychology. Woman make up 75% if therapist across the country now and 80% in some areas. The biblical counselor is someone who has regular counseling training – a degree in counseling who then pursued additional training in biblical counseling. Maybe I will end up with some blending of the two. A prayer counselor might not know what to do with major symptoms of Bipolar I, which is harmful to that person seeking help and possibly not knowing where to find it. He only made one mistake. The Journal of Addictionology and The Journal of Addiction Biology has tons of empirically based studies. Biblical counseling is also referred to as Nouthetic Counseling. This area is something of a quagmire right now with secular groups engaging in turf wars with those who do spiritual counseling. We will have to fight to stay free of the state. The bill is an exclusive scope of practice bill, which means anyone without an RD credential can’t be licensed, and practicing without a license would be criminalized. Thanks for the response, Phil. On the other end of all this I have just moved from the UK, having been a professional counselor for nearly 20 years, with lots of experiences and qualifications but are unable to practice here. It’s one thing to sit and minister to a friend, it’s another to put yourself out there with the label of “Therapist” or “Counselor” or “Doctor”. There are many licensed professionals who openly support non-professionals to practice with acute and chronic clientele. That’s why I read things like this blog, enjoy talking to people who are Biblically oriented (so we can figure this thing out together) and continue to be educated, praying that the Spirit gives discernment through accountability, supervision by Christians, and peer consultation with Christian professionals. Of course I have my doctorate in psychology, yet neverless, there are many unlicensed therapist/counselors who are very good. Consequently, Christians who need or desire to use their insurance to assist in paying for counseling will be required to see a counselor licensed by the state. Are you worried about my causing harm to others? The point is that certain people are not trained in certain things. Search AMET, ACEP, or the EFT websites. This article also argues that the state has per-petuated a lack of appropriate separation between psychotherapy and Christian counseling through its licensure restrictions, and has wronged Christian counselors seeking a license from the state in the process. One is an basic Intro to Psych course from MIT the other is a Pastoral Counseling class from Reformed Theological Seminary. This is similar to saying that someone can agree to follow their own faith after they first denounce it. Afterall, I am a Christian so I can counsel. Nothing seems to work. Inform yourself, before making a dumb decision! Well dont move to Florida, because a simple DUI will ruin you for life. Sometimes we see untapped talent, but sometimes we see people who think very highly of themselves and yet are hazardous to others.

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