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ohms reading on submersible pump

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Determining submersible pump cable sizes. experience is the best teacher in setting up the scheduled periods for your Based upon equipment rating: < 1K V = 1 MΩ minimum >1KV = 1 MΩ /1KV. A reading of zero or infinity, means the pump requires replacement. They have two windings for Starting and Running purposes. Correct meter reading: 180 to 1,400 ohms Contactor Contact Test 1. • 1¼” NPT discharge • Designed to fit inside 5" ID or larger pipe/well casing There is a ball valve on the pump outlet pipe as it enters the basement which restricts the flow so that the outlet head does not drop below a value which would allow the pump to operate outside its design volume. Electrical input - not pumping 425 watts max. • This pump uses high quality UL approved motor, UL file No. Take a resistance reading between the two wires. Photo 1. also, minimum 24” diameter recommended. Whereas the ohms would be 48 or so for a 1/2 hp (4.9 amps) at 240v. The pump is AC so you cannot make it run backwards by reversing the leads. Trying to test a Franklin contol for a 1/2 hp 230 volts submersible pump control box. Every 3 phase motor has six (6) terminals with the supply voltage connected to three (3) of those terminals. 4. 5 gpm b11575ws berkeley ® 4" submersible pumps 5 pump performance (capacity in gallons per minute) 5 gallons per minute hp psi pumping depth in feet shut-off head 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 300 320 340 360 380 400 450 500 550 600 650 700 750 800 850 feet psi For one thing, the pump's power cable must be sized to limit the resultant voltage drop to less than 5%. Air trapped under Pump must be sub-check valve (air bound) merged a minimum of 10'. This control box is 12 years old, but the pump … Ultimately using some simple electrical tests the homeowner traced the water pump problems to a nicked well pump wiring circuit wire. 12. Or does ohms law not really work with motor--- I mean to some degree. L2 to A - To test the lower main windings, place the meter probes on L2 and A on the power terminal. Thanks for your reply. before installing pump. Checking it at the pressure switch. 10. Pump … Procedure for refurbishing a submersible pump ... reading or values of the FLS unit is in the 1500 Ohms range. TESTING SUBMERSIBLE PUMP CONTROL BOX Presented by: DEAN BENNETT SUPPLY Ph 800-621-4291 Many times when your pump fails, the control box is the culprit. You may find that when it runs ungrounded that the casing becomes live at up to supply voltage. a direct reading of insulation resistance in ohms or megohms. The ground wire from the pump will read low resistance to ground. Connections: L1 & T1 or L2 & T2 3. Electrically powered well pumps may be submersible or positioned clear of the water. Correct meter reading: Zero ohms SUBMERSIBLES 16 B Relay Checkout Continued To do this work, the pump converts electricity into mechanical action, and the harder the job, the more electricity it uses. With a multimeter set to low ohms (usually 200), test between each winding terminal and the metal casing of the motor. If there is any reading on any of these then the motor is bad, do not use it. Check voltage supply between all phases of the electrical control panel. The most common configuration of a three-phase motor is the Delta (∆) – Star (Wye) configuration with the Delta side connected to supply voltage. Anyone know what I should look for when checking out a submersible well pump. 1c. 3. Even 30ma is a bit of a pain using motors and solenoids but there is no other option really. I then tried to get an ohm reading (my digital meter goes to 200) but both capacitors display 1 and do not change. That is the motor winding. Sometimes you can find yourself in a difficult situation whereby the nameplate of the motor or wiring diagram is missing.. The other 2 wires are the pump leads. Disconnect the pump from the pressure switch.

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