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powerful school board candidate statements

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2015 School Board Candidate Statements – Snippets. Board Candidate Personal Statements. Briefly tell your story and mention why it’s so important for you to be running for a leadership position in this year’s election. CSTA is well placed to encourage research and promote initiatives to address this inequality. I want to remain a voice at CSTA for teachers, as we march towards #CSFORALL. Christian 2. Let me share four great projects here. I have been a previous Board of Trustees member at Oranga Primary School and have had the privilege to work alongside school staff, Why do you feel so passionate about holding office? A Candidate with Integrity, Honesty, and Experience. The one currently attending ROI is Chery Lino Year 8 in Room 9. Candidate profiles showcase your potential leader’s talents, skills, and experience. A Better School for A Better Tomorrow. A Leader Who Listens. One is currently attending One Tree Hill College year 12. I would really be honored if our membership allows me to keep on working with the board and see some projects that are on their way to be fulfilled. 2016 Board of Trustees Election Candidate Statements Tim Cochrane My son Alfie recently started as a new entrant at Otonga Road Primary School. Board members who refer candidates should be clear that if they are offered a nomination that they are being hired to take a job. Be sure to include, in high-level terms as much as possible: Now is your chance to get down to the details. After two years doing full IT work as the IT officer for Latin America & the Caribbean for a British organization called Christian Aid, I realized that my passion was teaching and therefore I decided to become a teacher for good. My wife Cindy and I realize the importance of the true value of a … Prove that you have your voter’s best interests in mind by briefly outlining the steps you will take to improve the struggles they face. 2243 Sycamore Canyon Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108 Home ; About Us . Once you’ve written your candidate statement, be sure to go over it a couple times to ensure that everything reads correctly. I’ve uploaded English translations to Computing At School’s site at http://bit.ly/psafct. If you have attended the CSTA conference there is a chance you have seen me at the registration table or volunteering around. For more information on candidate profiles as well as our other capabilities, click here. My support of CS education includes serving as a Code.org Fundamentals facilitator, since 2014, by training K-5 teachers in CS. CTCSTA started the process of joining the national CSTA body in 2004, and became a chapter of CSTA with myself as President in 2009. Candidate Statement - Sample Ballot By Katy Dillwood Candidate for Board Member; Windsor Unified School District: This information is provided by the candidate: My name is Katy Dillwood. After that meeting, Connecticut CSTA (CTCSTA) was formed. Achieve 10. As a Career and Technical educator, I feel it is my responsibility to equip students with the skills needed to be successful as they enter the workforce. Community 3. According to the Alaska Division of Elections website, turnout for the 2014 school board elections was 13.21% of the registered voters. Originally published Jun 4, 2019, updated June 4, 2019. Stay up to date on the latest topics in your industry. I have also collaborated with K-6 teachers in my school district on integrating computer science concepts into their curriculum. Houdini FX - Tecniche base di illuminazione fotografica. What unique skills and experience have you had that will make you the best person for the job? I also see the importance of providing necessary support for teachers during the school year, given the nature of the K-12 teacher’s school day. School when I attended. Candidate statements are a necessary component of successfully running for leadership positions because they share the steps a candidate will take in order to tackle major organizational issues. I advocated for teachers to be treated as professionals and paid respectably for their time. Managing a law firm can be an overwhelming job. Anna Boyer. It is important for School Board Members to be active Parents with school-aged children representing our community. I talk a little about these projects, as well as coding competitions in Singapore, in a presentation I gave at Microsoft in Reading, England last November: https://youtu.be/yxd7V6rEH94. I am running to serve a second term in the same position. A well-written candidate statement is clear and concise. As many of our members, I stumbled into teaching Computer Science. Candidate statements are a necessary component of successfully running for leadership positions because they share the steps a candidate will take in order to tackle major organizational issues. I will be an advocate for students and will work to guarantee that they graduate with the skills needed to be successful in life and contributing members of society. Cold Spring School District. If you don’t have a headshot, there are many online resources available that will teach you how to take a professional looking photo using your personal phone or camera. CANDIDATE PLATFORM STATEMENTS Dear AAEM Member, Enclosed are the candidate statements for the 2015 AAEM board of directors election. I have had 2 out of my 5 children attend Royal Oak Intermediate. If you are focusing on a specific issue at your organization, take a little time to explain it here. Kristeen Shabram: K-8 Representative This means focusing on applicable strengths and on what the position requires. With a vote on leadership, candidate statements can help your voters make better decisions while painting candidates in the best possible light. I believe that by being part ofthe Coordinating Committee, I would play an important role in building bonds among the staff,faculty, and administration. Candidate Statement I am honored to have served our community as a member of the Okemos Board of Education since 2010. If you are allowed to use them, add testimonials from colleagues about your work ethic and characteristics that make you a great candidate for the job. During this time, I have worked diligently to bring computer science education to all 7th and 8th grade students in my school district. I am extremely excited to be nominated as one of the candidates for K-8 Representative on the CSTA Board. Working on the board of directors is about having conversations on how to support our teachers in the best way possible. Age: 50 You may be interested in amending your bylaws, coming to agreement on a new policy, or electing a new leader for your board or council. I presented at conferences nationwide and participated in many panels on CS education. If elected, I am motivated to provide teachers with innovative curriculum and professional development opportunities that will equip them with best practices when teaching computer science. Those AAEM members who appear on the enclosed ballot have indicated their willingness to serve on the AAEM board. It also informs voters of your candidate’s intent and reason behind running. My own experience in CS curriculum reform has been in Australia, Oceania, India and East Asia, but I have been also active with UNESCO and the annual EDUSummIT forums looking to shape global CS education, particularly in support of developing nations. Currently, I am in my second year as Chapter President of my local CSTA chapter. I am grateful for the opportunity to potentially serve in this position to help further the goals of the CSTA and our local chapter. It comprised of people who were ready to dedicate their time and personal resources to advocate for CS. If teachers have these resources, it will better prepare them to integrate computer science in their classrooms in relevant and meaningful ways, as well as prepare students for the future. Additionally, the guide gives candidates an introduction to the roles and responsibilities of school board members. It’s been my privilege to serve the CS education community as the international rep on CSTA’s board for the last couple of years. Explain to your voters why the issue they’re facing has to change and why. Candidate's Statement: Sigma Xi holds special spaces in my career as a scientist. I see the role of the international representative as keeping the CSTA board aware of what is occurring beyond the USA, and ensuring that CSTA initiatives apply globally. I’m running for school board because I believe in the value of public education. You’ve shared your skills and expertise, and also presented the issue at large. Describe a similar situation where you had success and how you achieved it. Ron Mooney Trish Spencer David Forbes Janet Gibson Niel Tam Ron Mooney. Currently, I serve on the CSTA Board in the Chapters and Professional Development committees and I ask for your vote to continue to bring my years of experience to CSTA activities. As co-creator of Mobile CSP, a College Board endorsed AP CSP course which has trained more than 200 teachers nationwide, I have contributed greatly to the development of CS teachers, leaders, and Master Teachers. The ballots often arrive during the busy hunting season and must be submitted by mail. I took what I learned from CSTA to work in Connecticut. The support that I received over the years has led me to commit to supporting others. I see the need for thorough training for teachers so they can be confident of their skill levels before going before students. Get Free Candidates For School Board Election now and use Candidates For School Board Election immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping. If allowed, speak to your election administrator about possibly previewing what your candidate statement looks like on the ballot. (Select the box under each candidate, to view their position statements) Vice President Elect. As a board member, I will work to ensure that they are all held to the highest standards, and will make the success of our students my number one priority. I have been a math teacher for more than 30 years and a CS teacher for more than 15 years. That means candidates need to compose effective statements that introduce themselves and set their positions on the issues affecting your organization. A Change We Need. Vice President and Board of Director Candidates We encourage you to participate in the 2020 election, which will begin from March 1st - March 10th, 2020. Safe 4. As you are aware, the call for nominations was sent to all voting members. Copyright © 2020, eBallot. Below please find several of your candidates personal statements for you to use as you consider who best to vote for in the current election. Prepare 9. I am currently the founder and President of the Lower Hudson Valley Chapter, which chartered in the summer of 2015. I had the amazing opportunity of working in the Curriculum committee alongside Deborah Seehorn and Tammy Pirmann. I am Honduran born and raised with a passion for Computer Science Education. Within Connecticut, I negotiated and brought weekend and summer opportunities for CTCSTA members. Board members should not coach candidates to assume that they already have the position. I wrote numerous letters to the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE), which led to the formation of the CSDE’s CS Advisory Committee. To achieve these aims, I have experience in working on and leading professional associations as state and national president of Australian CS Teacher associations, and look forward to bringing a wider perspective to the CSTA board to address the needs of the many CSTA members outside of the USA, and of course benefiting all CSTA members as a result. Roxbury School Board Candidate Statement for Joe Bocchino By JOE BOCCHINO. The more knowledgeable you are on important subjects such as these, the more dedicated and motivated you will seem to your voters. Candidates' Statements ALAMEDA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Member, Board of Education. Leadership | Thank you for the support you have shown me so far. Besides basic information such as your title and years at your organization, consider answering these questions as well: Your voters will want to know how your potential position in office will impact them. The books combine authoritative, engaging text with practical activities, some unplugged, but others using Korea’s equivalent of Scratch, Entry. I am running for school board because I have two children that currently attend Seaside Heights Elementary so I have a vested interest in the success of our schools. Potential 6. A Voice We Deserve. Below are candidate statements for all nine candidates for three open school board seats. The USFWC is a way for us all to have power together and to be stronger together at a national scale. I realized that my passion was teaching and therefore I decided to become a teacher for good. Skills 7. Candidate B: I've been working in the university for the past three years as an administrative assistant. NOTE: You can even find more information about each candidate, as well as the election itself at here: Dr Jason Zagami: International Representative and GP. Though it is a simple ... Now more than ever, businesses are looking at solutions that will make communications like meetings more efficient and ... How to Stand Out With a Candidate Statement, The Best Practice Management Software Programs for Law Firms, How to Change a Live Voting Event to Digital, The Best Online Web Conferencing Tools for Your Business Needs. Keeping your introduction short and impactful is crucial to grabbing your voter’s attention. You may need to trim down your statement or adjust your formatting to fit within the designated area. During this time, I’ve had the honor to work with and learn from people that are very well respected in the CS ED area. Most online voting platforms let you upload a photo with your candidate statement, so it’s always a good idea to have a professional headshot on hand. There are so many fab CS education initiatives in the USA, but if I have to pick one, it would have to be Scratch, from Mitch Resnick’s Lifelong Kindergarten team at MIT. For example, if you are running to be student union president, your statement will be focused on that role, the university/college and the needs of the students. In this role, I am serving as a change agent by providing opportunities for teachers in my community to learn about the latest research, tools, and curriculum in computer science education. Finally, I have to mention the ‘problem solving activities for computational thinkers’ textbooks that have been developed by KOFAC in South Korea, covering topics such as AI, the internet of things and gene editing. A well-written candidate statement is clear and concise. Essential. I want to continue taking an active role in the ongoing improvement of our local educational system. Explain any goals you have for the organization moving forward. I have been a CSTA member since 2008 and am currently one of the two Representatives at Large on the Board of Directors. A Fresh Face, a Fresh Start. Many countries have made great strides in K12 CS education that are rarely acknowledged, with innovative and complex approaches to providing opportunities for students to study CS. Here are a few tips on how you should go about writing this statement: Perhaps the most challenging part of writing a candidate statement is saying what you need to say within a given amount of characters.

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