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fox bite on cat

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I myself have a cat but I don’t feed the fox. In these cases, the only sign of a bite wound may be infection that forms at a later date. Wanted to post to restore a little bit of faith for the next person who like me sits reading these sad sad comments whilst waiting for their cat to return x, I witnessed my cat being attacked by a fox 10 days ago. I have no evidence it was the foxes but it seems the most likely explanation. My cat Fudge was killed horribly by a fox. Keep em after dark folks. I have just lost 2 of my beloved 16 year old cats to foxes in 2 weeks. I have studied our urban foxes on CCTV for over a year and have seen them share the garden on many occasions with a neighbours cat and even a hedgehog. The wound is a puncture on top of his head and it seems to go almost all the way down to his skull. Thankfully my cat was not hurt and I brought her inside for the rest of the night even though she wanted to go back out! Oh poor boy! The fox dosnt see my cat as he’s round the corner of the shed and my cat didn’t see the fox, I didn’t make any noise but the fox saw me and ran off thankfully. This was in Harrow northwest London as well. i turn to human being also at any time i want to. Last night his leg was shattered in an attack right outside our back door. All bedroom doors were shut upstairs as she’d been peeing in rooms past few days (this is also how I knew she was probably in her last few days). Interesting reading as SNARL have said some of these mutilations are human intervention. How to Treat a Cat Bite. People think fox don’t kill cats they do .But cats kill other people’s Ducks chickens and pigeons what go’s around comes around. To understand how dangerous a cat is to a dog or a Fox, my German Shepherd saw a cat in a hedge, lunged for it and the dog came off far worse needing 146 stitches as the cat got under the dogs belly and used it’s power back legs and claws to rip at the dog… just as they do in play with us! He ran away after 6 days he came home and when I pick him up or pet him I can feel his insides swishing around like something is alive in his his. The myth is probably much more that cats are NOT attacked by foxes than the opposite. As I said, never ever trust a fox. It is not easy to completely remove the risk of foxes to pets. Nick, Edinburgh. Any advice on what this could be? may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. and it may be that he prefers to spend more time indoors for a while where he feels safer – in which case, the best thing you can do for him is give him places to rest that he feels safe and secure, and some litter trays around the house. Bin bags have been replaced here by wheelie bins, the local foxes are getting desperate without their usual food source. Its, 2 am and I am anxious about my 10 months old kitten who I have seen being attacked by a fox. I can’t stop thinking about it. This is no way to live and we are getting desperate now! He was attacked a month ago leaving a bad injury to his paws which needed stitches wouldn’t have beloved it it had I not seen it myself our cat is very scared to go out side the cat was one side of the car and the fox was creeping round behind the other side. This compares with 541 per 10,000 for cats presented with cat bite injuries and 196 in 10,000 cats being presented following a … if my dog were to attack another animal/person i would be facing a court case, why is it fine for foxes to do as they please? On the reverse ….i have witnessed i big old moggy absolutely batter a fox and if i hadn’t intervened I’m sure the fox would have been seriously injured. I was totally disgusted and very saddened. I bolted outside to find my poor cat cowering behind a bush. Keep them safe indoors. I think I have many sleepless nights ahead trying to get him to my way of thinking! Foxes may attack kittens or larger cats that come close to their young, but they are unlikely to attack an adult cat unprovoked and much less likely to attack one for food.If a cat has already been killed (e.g. A neighbour found his collar and half of his tail in their garden. We do not use this information to track individuals once they have left the page. I noticed every night the same fox seemed to stare at our sleeping cat through the patio door, waiting for an opportunity to attack. As I came up the garden, I noticed about 5/6 big clumps of her fur on the lawn. I can’t bare the think what would have happened had I not have heard the noises. With bbq season fast approaching I am guessing more and more will appear. Avoid leaving out any food source for foxes, and discourage foxes from coming into your garden using barriers such as fences or dense, prickly hedging. Clearly not. I’m worried he might get injured. She was always a very slight cat but in recent years was very scrawny – we had regular vet checks and she was on thyroid meds. I have this morning had to bury my beautiful 16 month old cat who had suffered the worst attack possible from a fox last night. I had 2 huge ones in my garden whilst I was gardening yesterday afternoon. I have been following the SNARL page from the beginning and do think that there is a human doing some of the mutilations as cats have been returned days later and not decomposing. It was perfect for a very elderly cat – very safe. After 30 minutes we returned home empty handed and he was there right on our bed. My cat came home wounded, seemed and smelled like a dog bite, he's not bleeding and there is no pus, we had a doctor home (only thing we could think of at the moment was to ask her) we cleaned the wound with a small amount of peroxide and afterwards cleaned the wound with saline solution and plain water around the wound. Heard screeches and yowls from outside the home so rushed outside as it sounded like sounds the cat has made when fighting. To me, the risk to adult pet cats seemed minimal but I decided to look further, to see if I could find some hard facts about the risk to pets from fox attacks. The fox retreated a few steps and sat staring as I delt with my cat. This will allow your vet to determine the severity of the initial bite wound and to also search for any additional wounds that may be hidden within your cat’s fur. I chased it away, just like before. However, more needs to be done in public areas, such as the allyways, to sure risks against pets are minimised! They are becoming dangerous with babies and coming into people’s homes. Our last cat became a fox’s dinner – it was a particularly cold winter and we think the fox was desperate. We also rescued our cat from snowy garden shed roof 2 days ago with bleeding ear and fox circling him thus stopping him being able to enter back through cat flap. Surprising as this area is on a deck up some stairs. A young fox visits our garden nowadays – a cute little thing but I will never forget or trust a fox. I think foxes will attack and kill animals smaller than them if their food source is scarce. Where I used to live I always used to see the local cats and foxes casually chilling out together. He’s pretty shaken and that’s the last time either of my cats go out at night. I feel so responsible for her death, I wish ‘professionals’ would get real about the threat from foxes and not lead them up the garden path. I think my cat who has lived in peace in our area for 5 years has been attacked by a fox, looks like he has been scruffed and ragged, very nasty looking injuries which are being treated. So, please, unless it’s not possible (feral cats) PLEASE keep your cats indoors. Antibiotic resistance: should the veterinary industry be doing more to help? Normally my dog would have been very interested, but she is recovering from an operation. My dog was attacked and killed in u garden at 8,30 in the morning. The fox darted into the hall and attacked the couple’s 14-year-old cat sleeping on a leather armchair in the living room. No external bites but was shaking a lot and also had matted saliva covered fur at the back of her neck showing where she was grabbed and tugged. Something took her. The fox did not move when I approached, shooing it and making as much noise as I could to frighten it away. The fox was in the derelict house next door under construction. Your cat may also need to wear a cone or other appropriate limiting device if they incessantly lick, groom or otherwise irritate the wound site. I really feel for you as I know how much your cats meant to you, as mine does to me. My cats will not be allowed to go out at night anymore. Consequently, puncture wounds and their resulting abscesses are typically found on the face, shoulders and forelimbs or on the tail, rump and backside. They can see what is wrong and get him treatment so that he feels better. It does happen very sadly! Really sorry to hear about your cat, I’ve just chased 2 foxes away from my kitchen door for the second time this week DEFINITELY chasing and hunting my cats who are 7 years old , I’m at the end of my tether now, I’ve secured the gaps that I can see in the fencing around my garden, my cats are always called in at night anyway ( I have no catflap and yes they do come in when I call, even if I have to call a couple of times) but the first instance this week was in broad daylight in the afternoon and this is MY garden… I’m exasperated with people being so blase about foxes and the threat they pose to our PETS ( and probably small children..) these foxes looked at me square on at first like I might not even be a threat til I picked up a broom screaming and yelling… ? For more info., see: and Owners of cats need to understand that’s whilst their moggy is a pampered part of the family indoors, once outside all the basic instincts of survival take over. I live in Glasgow and had been told there were lots of foxes out at night but never really considered the threat to my cat who loves going out at night until I saw what I saw last night. grass strewn with fur (looked like an older cats fur) and a tail left. Once the foxes learn that cats can be attacked they will continue to do so – and they do hunt in packs -teaching each other that cats are fair game. am now a powerful man and no one step on me without an apology goes free. When cats interact with other animals, sometimes they are bitten. My cat had a puncture mark under her tail which sadly developed a abscess and she now has a big open wound that the vet has not been able to stitch . Surely there is something that can be done!!? This will be another situation in which your vet may need to shave portions of your cat’s fur, in order to provide better access to the bite. The dead cat was buried in its garden, the cats are being killed, but their deaths aren’t being monitored for the statistics. I had mine get snatched it’s on CCTV, she didn’t go near other people, only me. Read snarl’s report again, mostly by foxes. I was stunned, really thought foxes wouldn’t be bothered with cats. Will certainly be investigating ways to seal up the gaps in the fences so she can roam or sleep without wild fox attacks! They were quite brazen and despite my efforts kept coming back towards my injured cat who eventually managed to drag himself under our car. I have just found my cat, decapitated. The fox had jumped on some lumber I had for a project which was the noise I heard when the fox disturbed it. My beautiful boy cat Ollie had to be put to sleep on May 3 2014 due to a fox attack early in the morning. There are a large number of foxes in my area and I cannot believe it has happened to THE most placid cat ever, he never had a fight with anything. Your email address will not be published. In the U.S. alone, free-roaming domestic cats kill an estimated 1.4-3.7 billion birds and 6.9-20.7 billion mammals. Reading all these blogs I can see I’m not the only one having problems with foxes in Harrow. We must stop throwing out food for the birds and feeding our pets outside. I don’t want to harm them but I don’t want them in my garden hunting my cats!!!!! I banged on the glass and the fox ran off. My one year old cat went missing 3 days ago. Cat bites. I know what I will do to a fox if I see one in my back garden. At about 5 am we were woken up again by foxes braying. We have 5 cats. Fortunately he was able to outrun the fox and quickly made his was home. 7pm Heard a disturbance and a thud at the french windows. They’re fascinating animals to watch and not always as bad as they are painted! We will definitely be keeping him in at night from now on though. Hes plays with a young fox on the field next our home and they have a wonderful time! 1.800.274.8837 (No Cats & Dogs) Toggle Navigation Menu. Thank you for your question. All gardens are enclosed, only foxes and cats go in them at night and my neighbours heard them when my cat was snatched. If you did not witness the fight, you should let your veterinarian know the approximate timeframe for appearance of any wound as well as whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat. If you are not the patient, practice universal precautions and wear personal protective equipment if available. The project aims to investigate the range and frequency of small animal health problems seen by veterinary surgeons working in general practice in the United Kingdom and to highlight major risk factors for these conditions. We have 6 foot fences with no gaps and concrete footings, surrounding the whole garden. I am slightly concerned about foxes but not as much as dogs trained/encouraged by their horrible owners to kill or injure cats and other dogs. Local councils do not get involved as the problem is too difficult for them to manage and so the problem gets worse. Cats in particular often spend much of their time outside, in the same areas as foxes. We were not sure whether it was our terrified cat, but since he was not at home( and normally he always stays in at night), we went to check the whole are at 2 AM. Our older cat Catkin(10) has been missing since 18th June. I like to get them in before dark but Sam my youngest was desperate to get out for a bit at night and Ive found out why! One of her feet was bitten so badly she needed it to be re constructed. I hate the things and even with over 6 foot high fences they still manage to climb over. Is this normal?, my 8 year old beutiful bengal cat spirit was found by a neighbour in broad daylight in her garden a few days before christmas fighting for his life. if a wolf escaped the zoo it would be hunted endlessly, i see no difference to a fox, both are wild canids with the same instincts. Abscess Wit What Looks Like Something Is In It, Anemia / Bleeding / Fever / Lethargy / Pain / Wound, Raised bump or abscess at site of previous bite, Fever from infection caused by improperly wound care, Lethargy from pain or subsequent infection. Has a fox had her in broad daylight? Treatment of Bite Wounds in Cats. Of course there may be many fox attacks that are not reported to vets and there is no way to account for these. Those people who feed foxes are encouraging them to be less afraid of people, more daring in their actions and artificially increasing the population to epidemic levels. He tried to chased the fox and the fox dropped the kitten and run away. My sons are traumatised after discovering two large foxes dragging what remained of our cat’s body around our garden this Easter Sunday at 7am. Luckily I managed to scare them off with a flash light and get my cat over over the neighbour’s garden fence. In one case, a young kitten was snatched by a fox, around twenty yards away from her owner, and in another instance, a thin, elderly cat was grabbed. Next, the wound will be thoroughly cleaned with an antiseptic wash, alcohol, iodine or other sterilizing substance. I’ll be far more cautious as I’d been told foxes don’t attact cats!! In non-life threatening cases, your cat should make a complete recovery with proper treatment. Poor our pets, is there any wnd to this?! If you are lucky enough to still have your cat, please take precautions to keep them safe. Pheromones are definitely a good start, and you’ll need to give them a bit of time as they can take a little while to start working so please do persist with these. Such a product is certainly theoretically possible – our understanding of species-specific pheromones has allowed us to produce synthetic calming pheromones based on FFP for cats and DAP for dogs, without any biological cross-over between species, so the opposite is at least in principle possible. 6:30 am… pulled backwards through the cat flap just as he was coming into the house. It looked like a strong healthy young cat but had been ripped open. Cats may bite or scratch if frightened or their kittens are threatened, so leave them alone. Fox is one of the most popular wild predatory animals. Writing this as my cat waits for an operation after being attacked by a fox in our back garden in West London. We live next to a field, in a semi urban area just outside Brighton. This is known as survivorship bias and the same issue occured during world war 2, where they would look for damage on surviving planes and armour up those areas, but eventually realized that they actually needed to armour up the areas that showed no damage as those areas would never show up as damaged on surviving planes since when they did get damaged the plane wouldn’t survive. Could this be a cub which is why the fox is being more agressive? I didn’t click that it was going for my cats due to ‘professionals’ claiming how rare it is. Our cat is mainly indoors and tends to sleep by the patio door at night. Bob Drinkwater, a community centre manager from Stamford Hill, north London, recently saved Mica, his tabby cat, from a vicious fox attack. This will allow your vet to rule out the potential spread of other infectious diseases as a result of the bite. I am now pretty sure it was a fox that bit him. My little 2 year old hasn’t even managed to catch a bird yet. Last night my husband and I were woken up by a fox’s cry and as our 17 year old tabby was or At home, we rushed outside to rescue him. He's had his rabies and distemper shots, but I'm worried. This compares with 541 per 10,000 for cats presented with cat bite injuries and 196 in 10,000 cats being presented following a road traffic accident. The fox fled and Fudge was dead with very severe injuries. There’s a reason why foxes are one of the most successful animals on earth. as much as i love wildlife these foxes are growing in numbers rapidly in local neighbor hoods !!! He likes to go out all the time. Our cat only goes outside when we are present as the same fox is still around. Luckily our cats saved him, We live in Windsor and our 8kg tabby male has just been chased into the house by a screaming banshee of a Fox, very scary stuff. Sadly she was found dead in a neighbours garden with her mouth ripped and fur missing. My beloved cat who I hand reared was killed by a fox early this week. My cat sooty was a beautiful friendly cat, she went missing in the spring, not like her at all, always comes in on time. fox didnt even think she was worth sniffing, carried on munching the cat food i had put out for it Its sad reading all the storys on this forum, my cat got chased back home last year by a Fox and I had to run out to scare the Fox away but main reason I’m here is yesterday my cat got into a cat fight so about 15 mins later I called my cat, he meowed and jumped over the fence and came to me, try to walk back off and then a Fox came out of no where and was starring at us so I quickly got him back inside and that was that, now the next day I’m here trying to find ways to keep him safer, he’s a cat and likes going outside so I don’t want to start not letting him out no more as that’s unfair on him. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My cat was bitten on his head about a week ago. Urban foxes are becoming a common sight in the day – and it seemed to be very agile hopping over fences. - Svaret på frågan om ditt husdjur är i fara. now after reading all the feedback here im most definitely keeping my 2 boys in thats for sure even in the day time !!! I tried to shoo them away but the leader came back and carried the cat off. South West London/ Surrey area. My cat was playing as he normally does with the other and they were playing abit rougher this time and they were running around and I think hes hurt himself when they jumped on him and hes now limping with both legs kinda dragging but still walking a little balancing on his back paws. My mum said he could've hit a nerve and just deaded his legs but I'm not too sure. I was absolutely heartbroken. Enter your postcode to reveal your local vet ratings and reviews, another attack on a baby by an urban fox in London, Populist, radical measures such as destroying foxes in an area,,, Äter rävar katter? and yes foxes are becoming bolder and braver than ever. The dog had its mouth clamped around the stomach of my cat. Not 4 foot away at the top of the patio steps was a sizable fox who shot off when he saw me. Not scared and me having to run tk a neighbours house as I was scared. We have a lot of foxes where we live and this is our 3rd cat but we have never seen this before. A neighbours cat was attacked last night, in a quiet urban road by a family of foxes. My 11 year old Alan was chased by foxes about a year ago but managed to escape – he has been quite scared ever since and didn’t go out at night for quite a while after that. I’m trying to keep my cat Bob in at night as we have so many foxes around its scarey. Mr Schofield said: “It went for Jessie ferociously. I just hope he was caught sleeping and did not have to suffer! Not something I wish any pet owner to have to see of their family member. She said her cat is regularly attacked by foxes. Thanks for this…our cat was attacked last week – we think by a fox. The area I live in (Leeds) has huge numbers of urban foxes which in my opinion are out of control. I'm sorry that happened to your cat. However, they differ from them by a lower landing, a lush tail and an elongated trunk. She had been seen that morning in an area three foxes are often seen. He has lost several claws, has a bleeding injury on his leg and a serious groin injury that has punctured the skin and may be causing internal bleeding. I don’t want to demonize them, as I respect all life, but, for anyone searching the answer to that question, the answer is YES, they do and will attack/kill your cat. A red fox attacked my cat this weekend, and I think it bit him, although there was no blood. Habitat loss and lack of food are what drives foxes to raid garbage cans, chicken coops, and rabbit hutches in both urban and rural areas. I think it’s imperative that people know the risks involved in allowing your cat outside. There was saliva on his fur, however, and because he is a black cat, I can't see anything on his skin. I had heard that (very rarely) foxes had been known to attack young, old and vunerable cats. Our cat is small and fast, only 2 years old .. she shot up a tree and escaped. Checked all of downstairs.

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